Row Corrections Part 2

By Greg Hammond

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February 01, 2008

Video Article

Greg Hammond of Concept2 Rowing continues the rowing lesson he started in last month's video article. Here, he offers tips on efficiency and troubleshoots a full slate of common technique problems.

Being able to see the problems and corrections in video makes them easy to understand and correct. Some of the key takeaways that Hammond demonstrates:

  • The first couple inches of the drive, beginning at the catch, are the most important part of the stroke. You need to generate drive power right off the bat.
  • The body is like a pendulum, with the torso beginning in forward inclination, swinging over the hip, and ending with a slight backward lean. The recovery phase traces the same pattern in reverse.
  • The recovery should be slower than the drive. Think of compressing the body like a spring: the recovery phase is a controlled compressing of the spring, and then it explodes back out from the catch.
  • The back will be slightly rounded throughout the stroke, not fully upright and erect.
  • Keep the chain straight, taut, and level, moving back and forth in a straight line at all times.

Hammond also demonstrates and explains how to correct one of the most common and ugliest problems on the rower--arcing the hands up over the knees on the recovery phase. The hands should move quickly, and straight forward, out of the finish position, leading the body toward the front. The knees do not bend until the hands pass over them.

Greg Hammond has worked for Concept2 Rowing for 11 years, most recently as a liaison to the CrossFit community and to fire and police departments and moto/action sports groups. He has a Bachelor's degree in health science and formerly owned and operated a fitness business called Hammond Corporate Wellness. He was a Crash Rescue Firefighter for the Air National Guard for 8 years and was a longtime rugby player until he took up the safer sport of motocross/enduro riding instead. He has used indoor rowing as part of training for his sports for the past 17 years.

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