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Pat's Oly Workout: Snatch by Mike Burgener - CrossFit Journal

Pat's Oly Workout: Snatch

By Mike Burgener

In Olympic Lifts, Videos

March 01, 2008

Video Article

After working on his own for a few months, Pat Barber, the subject of the last two months' video articles on the fundamentals of the snatch, visits Mike Burgener for a coaching session on weighted snatches and tries for a new PR. It's an informative fly-on-the-wall look into an experienced coach's real-life session with a relatively new lifter.

Pat progressively increases weight with each rep, up to a point. Then, when he stops making his lifts and his technique deteriorates some under heavier weights, Coach B takes him all the way back to the empty bar and then back up to work again toward that new PR. Watch and see if he gets it...

Mike Burgener, a.k.a. "Coach B" or simply "Burg," is the owner of Mike's Gym (a CrossFit affiliate and USAW Regional Training Center), a USAW Senior International Coach, former junior World team (1996-2004) and senior World team (2005) coach, and the strength and conditioning coach at Rancho Buena Vista High School in Vista, California. He teaches CrossFit's two-day Olympic lifting certification seminars.

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