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March 01, 2008

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In the first block of our pre-SOF (Special Operations Forces) training program, known as Selection, trainees were introduced to the rigors of CrossFit combined with SOF-style training. During the "Indoc" phase, the slow and gradual ramping up of intensity allowed for bodies and minds to safely become accustomed to physical work efforts with short bursts of extreme workloads. In the second phase, "Assessment," the intensity was ratcheted up significantly and minimum standards were put in place to ensure that the trainees who were allowed to continue on in training were strong enough to move into the more SOF-skills-oriented training of our second block, which we call Preparation.

Introduction to Preparation

The pre-SOF Preparation block consists of two main skills training components. The first, which will be covered in this article, involves everything that has to do with water. Composed primarily of training in efficient swimming technique with and without fins, training sessions and workouts are designed to be conducted both in the pool and in open water. There is also training in life saving, knot tying, tides and currents, as well as safe training practices for dryland breath holding. The second phase of Preparation, which will be covered in a later article, addresses training for effectively moving over the land.

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