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March 01, 2008

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Wrestling has long been known as one of the oldest sports in history. Martial arts originated from the very simple sport of two individuals combating directly against one another, one on one. One of the things that attracted me to wrestling to begin with is the idea that it was "fair." As a kid I was always into sports but I was a total shrimp. My two or three strides on the soccer field were equivalent to my friends' one. (Granted, I didn't know the POSE method then, and am only just learning it now, but something tells me that may not have helped.)

I was constantly trying to keep up with the rest of the crowd. Wrestling creates an even playing field. You are matched up with someone your same weight, so neither person has a size advantage over the other, and there are no excuses and no one to blame for outcomes. No person to pass the ball to, no one to call out for not paying attention, no one else to blame for your mistakes. Some people mistype wrestlers as "jocks" or "blockheads." But I think you will find that the majority of wrestlers are actually fairly bright. At elite levels, wrestling is like a chess match--the competitors are playing a few steps ahead, anticipating movements and playing an intricate game of trying to make the opponent make a mistake they can capitalize on to score.

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