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May 01, 2008

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If you've ever wondered how the incomparable Martin family and staff manage to train so many kids so effectively and with relatively little chaos, this video is for you. It follows Coach Mikki Martin as she and her assistants put a whole CF Kids class through their paces, from the beginning introduction, through warm-up, skill demos, workout circuit, and a follow-up game time, keeping their short little attention spans engaged throughout. Whew!

Mikki Martin and Jeff Martin are the owners and coaches of CrossFit affiliate Brand X Martial Arts in Ramona, California. They also run the CrossFit Kids program and certifications and publish the monthly CrossFit Kids magazine, which is a must- have for anyone who works with kids in a training capacity.



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The crossfit kids class was excellent!! It provided me with excellent ideas on how to more effectively run my kids class and a new game to play. This crossfit website is excellent!! Respectfully, Raul Lopez


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This was very useful.

Thanks for sharing this!

/Ulrik Helms

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