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May 01, 2008

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The third in Tony's series of media tips addresses the question of shooting video on a tripod versus filming freehand. Handheld, of course, has the major disadvantage of potentially nausea-inducing camera shake and sway, but it also lets you move around to follow the action and lets you get multiple perspectives on your subject. Shooting from a tripod offers total stability and slightly less concentration and body fatigue for the videographer, and it's excellent for filming something that doesn't move across the ground and where you can--or must--keep the same angle on the action throughout. But it leaves the camera tethered to one spot. For those times when you do want a tripod, Budding also discusses various types of tripods and heads and talks about the points you should keep in mind when selecting one. How you choose to shoot, as with most everything in photography, is ultimately all about the purpose of your video, the subject of it, and the conditions in which you are working.



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A good idea for holding a video camera is to use a stabilizer. Here is a link of a video on how to make one for 15 bucks.

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