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May 01, 2008

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In the past couple months' articles we have gone over some of the basics of wrestling. We've looked at a small set of movements from the feet, but what happens when we get on the mat? This month we will talk about the bottom position for escapes and reversals as well as breakdowns from the top position.

When you and your opponent are set up with one in the bottom position, on hands and knees, and one in the top position, above and behind the other, with one arm around his waist and the other on the elbow, this is known as the "referee's" position. The bottom person is on his knees and typically sitting on his ankles, with toes pointed back. If you sit on your heels and leave your toes in the mat, you give your opponent more options for breaking you down, which we will look at later in the article. The hands are positioned about ten inches in front of the knees and your weight should rest mainly on your butt. If you rock too far forward onto your hands, it gets you off balance and can again open the door for you to get broken down more easily.

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Love the wrestling perspective that Chris gives.

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