Entering the Clinch

By Becca Borawski


June 01, 2008

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In boxing, when two fighters get in close to each other and lock up, the referee stops the fight and breaks them up. In other fighting arts, this position is actually a place where battle can be done. In Muay Thai the position is called the clinch or the "plum." Wrestlers may refer to the position as a "double collar tie." In mixed martial arts it is often called the "Thai clinch."

The scenario for this move is that you are exchanging strikes with an opponent, but want to get in and control him. The exact position involves controlling the opponent's head, using weight and gravity against him, and landing strikes with the knees to the head and body. In this article, Tait Fletcher, a veteran of the television show Ultimate Fighter, demonstrates getting in on the clinch off of a jab. To begin, Tait (with the shaved head) is facing off against Andy and throws a jab to Andy's face (Photos 1 and 2).

While the opponent may be expecting a left jab, right straight combo, Tait is actually going to use his right hand to snake around the back of Andy's neck. He clamps firmly down on the back of the neck and angles his elbow down and in toward the center of Andy's body (Photos 3 and 4).



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