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June 01, 2008

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This article picks up from the basic breakdowns and escapes we looked at last month to talk about how to finish off your opponent with a pin or devastating lead in points. A pin is when both of your opponent's shoulder blades are touching the mat, and it ends the match immediately, in your favor. This is, obviously, good for you, even if it is fairly humiliating for your opponent (especially if his girlfriend is in the stands watching; not that I would know anything about that from personal experience or anything). You score near fall points when you expose your opponent's back to the mat. His back has to be within a 45-degree angle from the mat for the referee to start counting. If you hold your opponent in this position for a three-second count, you are awarded two points; a five-second count rewards you with three points. These points can add up very quickly in a match if you are efficient and experienced at turning the opposition.

As with the other moves we have covered, you can work a series of moves off of one initial "hold." This allows you to move from one thing to the next to get past lines of defense that your opponent may attempt. This month we will be going over one of the most basic pins or turns, a half nelson, and a bit more advanced one, the crossface series. Both are extremely effective and can put a hurtin' on your opponent, especially the crossface series.



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wrote …

Great articles regarding combining wrestling with crossfit. Keep up the great articles, maybe some WODs in the works?

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