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August 01, 2008

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Ever wonder what it would be like to train in the gym with of one of the world's best weightlifting coaches? Here's a glimpse. Nick Hawkes went to Mike's Gym thinking he'd never be able to snatch well. This video is the first set of highlights from his snatch session with Coach B.

Coach Burgener teaches the snatch and the clean and jerk, plus supplemental lifts and learning progressions, at CrossFit's two-day Olympic lifting certification seminars, where you too can get some of what Nick gets here.

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5 Comments on “Nick Hawkes' Snatch Training at Mike's Gym: Part 1”


wrote …

I was curious about conditioning time. I have never worked Olympic lifts but have powerlifted some years ago. Seeing more technique in the Snatch than say the deadlift, can you give me a time frame you generally see improvement in the movement when working with a beginner? What marker do you look for as when to add weight?
Then, this one is more general than the first: "How much conditioning should I go through to begin CrossFit or can I adjust the WOD at less reps or weight as a modification?"

Thanks for the help


James Fitzgerald wrote …

John, drop me a line - and i'll throw you some ideas and examples of time frames about o-lifts and CF...


wrote …

Some new cues here that will help me teach this. This is quality.


wrote …

I am astonished at how wide the landing is supposed to be. I had no idea taller lifters should land wider. All this time I've been practicing landing narrower when it seems I had it right to begin with.


replied to comment from Timothy Hsu

This also means I've been overhead squatting too narrowly too. I always thought the width of the feet was the same as for air squats.

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