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CrossFit Kids Introductory Lecture by Jeff Martin - CrossFit Journal

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September 15, 2008

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This is a section of Jeff Martin's opening lecture for the CrossFit Kids certification seminar on July 28, 2008. Kids, he says, don't just need scaled workouts. They need to have fun, first and foremost. They need to be instructed in a way that makes sense to their developing perspective on the world. And, they need challenges.

Brand X is the CrossFit Kids Laboratory. What they're developing are kids whose approaches to health, fitness, and obstacles in general are remarkably adept. 11min 14sec

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9 Comments on “CrossFit Kids Introductory Lecture”


Adam Kayce wrote …

Great talk, thanks, Jeff. I've got two daughters who are destined to be lifelong CrossFitters... I can't wait until the day comes when they're drinking the Kool-Aid right along with me (they're already playing on my rings and have their own medicine balls, so it has begun).

I've always figured that once I get my CF affiliate going someday, I'd do CF Kids, too... but this cements the deal. I'm inspired. (not to mention I'm inspired just looking at Jeff — dang, son! you're huge!)


wrote …

Inspiring my friend! Keep up the good work. Great pic of Connor and Keegan on the front page of the CFKJ by the way.


wrote …

Thanks Jeff, I wish CFkids was around when I was doing programs for children. Amazing stuff!


wrote …

Jeff, that's a great contribution to my understanding of your program, thanks very much, I'm more eager than ever to get out there for a CFK Cert. I need to build in more fun to my kids' CFK workouts ...

BTW - are you sure you aren't secretly doing body building somewhere? Do you have some hammer strength tucked away in the basement?

Very glad to have had the chance to meet you and Mikki at the Games. Paul


wrote …

Adam Kayce said:
(not to mention I'm inspired just looking at Jeff — dang, son! you're huge!)
Yeah, but he's short.

Apollo Swabbie said:
BTW - are you sure you aren't secretly doing body building somewhere? Do you have some hammer strength tucked away in the basement?
Nah, he just pumps up in the office before he does his presentations.

Jeff is a good friend and hasn't let me forget that I said that I was surprised that he was shorter than me when I wrote up our first meeting on my blog. He's been making step-ladder jokes on the Brand X forum ever since.

The pumping up? Oh that's true ;-)

As for the presentation, you aint heard nuthin' yet. Get along to a kid's cert, it's worth it.


Cameron Cassidy wrote …

wow great video, I really want to sttend a crossfit kids cert now. They seem to all be in California, thats a long flight from Toronto. Any chance of one coming north of the border?


wrote …

Amazing talk ! I have to attend CF Kids cert. I have never worked with kids, but I have to admit that your speech was very inspirational. Where to shape our future if not with kids right ?
"Those kids never see obstacles, only opportunities" -> great.

Cameron - I'm from Europe, it's even worse :(


wrote …

We love to see such enthusiasm for CrossFit Kids and yes, we are shaping the lives and future of our kids!

Regarding travel for the certifications . . . we have a CrossFit Kids Certification in Huntington Beach, CA at CrossFit Marina and have a few other possible CrossFit Kids Certification destinations other than Ramona, CA in 2009. We are also planning to combine efforts with other Specialist Certifications to offer CF Kids Certs back to back, so attendees can reduce travel time and expenses. But the majority of the CrossFit Kids Certifications will be held at Brand X in Ramona, CA due to the logistics of the Certification. We use kids to model and demonstrate throughout the Cert and run two "live" kids classes during the Cert.

We hope to see you at a CrossFit Kids Certification in the future!


wrote …

This is very inspiring for me as a newbie Crossfitter. I'm a P.E. teacher and head wrestling coach. I'm slowly switching my class curriculum and coaching to the CrossFit way of doing things. Thank you!!!

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