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This is the inaugural broadcast of CrossFit Radio, which aired 9am MDT Sunday September 21, 2008.

0min - Show intro
9min - Johnny DiGregorio, a CrossFitter who has lost 180lbs in 3 years
18min - Teaser clip of Mike Boyle's trashing of CrossFit in his podcast
29min - Tony Budding on the CrossFit Journal
46min - Best comments of the week
48min - Tony Blauer on scenario-based self defense

Unfortunately, the recording protocol automatically stopped after an hour, so a good portion of Tony Blauer's interview was lost. It was clear that Neil had just scratched the surface with him, so they agreed he'd come back soon. This gives them even more incentive for a quick round 2.
60min 47sec

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19 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 1 080921”


wrote …

I am really stoked about this site. You guys are doing a great think here. I can't wait for you guys to get Boyle and Cook on the air with Coach Glassman and the other CF crew. This would be a tremendous opportunity for an exchange of information. I would stop everything and listen. This is what the site is all about, exchange of fitness information at the highest level.
Good luck on getting these guys on the air.


wrote …

I was quite excited to see this on the journal. Fantastic resource.


wrote …

I'm looking forward to listening to the program. Are you planning to upload these podcasts to the Itunes store? That would make it much more convenient for a lot of people as they could subscribe once and then listen weekly on their ipods. Right now, I'm only able to listen through the computer. Thanks!


We already have a podcast feed available for audio and video, we just haven't done a good job of promoting them, like telling anyone about them or putting them. The podcast URLs are accessible by going to the Audio and Videos category. Whatever browser you are using should display the RSS feed icon in the location bar. Clicking on the feed icon should them enable you to subscribe to the feed using whatever application you prefer. N.B. that the videos feed contains premium content, and you will have to use a reader such as iTunes that supports authentication. You will be asked for your journal username and password when downloading videos in iTunes. This is normal, and be sure to enable the 'save user information' checkbox so you don't have to re-enter it each time.

You can also subscribe in iTunes by using the "Subscribe to podcast" menu item and entering the feed address or


Stephen Wakefoose wrote …

I met Coach at BTS Blauer's combatives camp in August and one of the first things I said was man you should bring back the crossfit live. THANK GOD, I love having this resource to listen to. Can't wait to see or hear all the great interviews.


wrote …

I have only been a subscriber to the Journal for about a week, and I have to say I am in Love! I am one of those talk radio listener geeks, so needless to say I am totally digging the radio format. Looking forward to your next show...Thank you!


wrote …


Thanks for the technical help.I'm excited about a Crossfit podcast.Unfortunatley I'm more than a little technology challenged,a little more help please...
Where exactly in I-Tunes do I find the "subscribe to podcast" menu item.I've been fumbling around and its proably right in front of my eyes but could you spell that our for me.

Thanks, Bill



It should be the second item under the "Advanced" menu item.


wrote …

Awww, I like NPR :(

Awesome to see this up though!


wrote …

Thanks for the interview with Tony Budding! My husband and I are facing the same crossroad. We teach private music lessons, which is valuable for many reasons, but we are beginning to be much more passionate about teaching others lifelong fitness lessons that can improve quality of life. I love the diversity of Crossfit and I'm excited about where our path will lead us.

To the crossfit naysayer in the episode- He obviously doesn't follow CrossFit otherwise he would know that form IS VERY important to CrossFit. He can choose to not reap the benefits of CrossFit if he wants to, his loss.


wrote …

The folks criticizing CrossFit only have one valid point, which is that technique is often sacrificed for the sake of rep count or speed. While it's important to train at the edges sometimes it seems like a lot of the CF videos often shortchanging of rep range and technique aberrations in the metcon workouts. This is better now than it used to be in years past and I think it is being addressed within the CrossFit community but I think that is the only shortcoming in the implementation of CrossFit that opens CrossFit to valid criticism.


wrote …

I'm psyched about Mike Boyle coming on to discuss CF. I hope it's a good exchange of info and not just a foolish argument...

My concern about Mike is that he is a direct competitor of CF. What's he going to say? Oh, don't do my program, CrossFit is much better than anything I offer!

I highly doubt that will ever happen. And what the heck is up with the VibraFlex?!?!


wrote …


12Bravo here. I was sitting at my desk writing a report listening to your podcast when I heard you mention my post about the subbed workout. Your innagural podcast was awesome, but on the awesome hit ten when I heard you talk about my post.

Mad props back to you. I have a blast doing my job everyday, just like it sounds like you are having a blast doing yours. Keep up the good work and thanks for giving all of us CF Addicts more fuel for our addiction.


wrote …

Love the radio format. I just recently started listening to conservative talk radio and CrossfitRadio is a nice addition to my morning routine.

Thanks for all the great stuff you guys are doing for us.

James Mathers


Tobias Neal wrote …

I will address both sides. I am an affiliate and a full-time Coach. In my gym form is paramount and I have spent the time to learn the lifts so that I can pass that knowledge on to my clients. So, I disagree with the broad assumption that as CrossFitters we care little for form. In my own experience that is simply not true.

On the other hand...leaving the WOD at max form on the main site where newbies travel daily and they try their hand at max efforts because thay do not have guidance or the best they have is a video does seem off to me. The lifts that we perform are very technical in nature and in my opinion take coaching. However, there are many metcon workouts that folks can figure out...what is a proper push-up may be fairly easy to teach in a video but how to perform a snatch or a clean effectively may not.

Just my two cents...I love CrossFit enough to make it my full-time job but I do see where improvements can be made...that is a part of growth...Have a good night and I look forward to further podcasts.

Coach T
"I can, I must, I will find a way"


wrote …

hi all, just need to comment on something that has been bugging me for a while. im a massive advocate of crossfit, totally hooked, and in debt to its creators. but can anybody tell me why Coach Glassman appears to be so out of shape, waistline in particular. i honestly dont mean to offend anyone but with all his obvious wisdom it is something that really niggles me, and is one of the common queries i get when i introduce somebody to the program. once again no offence intended Greg maybe you're the only one who can put me straight.
cheers, kayno.


Daniel Schmieding wrote …

#16 Kayne,

I can't speak for Coach directly, but just because he might not eat/drink/workout the way he says is right does not reflect negatively on his influence.

If you dig into the archives, there have been numerous posts showing Greg doing his thing; swinging on parallel bars, doing levers on rings, etc... Man's in shape, just likely limited by his injury.


Tobias Neal wrote …

Things have happened in Coaches life that he does not share here...if what I have heard is the true story then it is admirable. I will leave it to Coach to tell his story if he chooses...other than that it is a normal and understandable question.


wrote …

I agree somewhat with what Mr. Broyles says about form flagging for intensity. My one complaint with Crossfit is that it can be easily abused. I see/hear of people everyday who hurt themselves doing Crossfit because they have no coach or a poor coach. What Broyles says about everyone in Crossfit being represented by the lowest common denominator espousing Crossfit is quite true. This does not take away from the value of Crossfit when done correctly. The primary complaint he levies against Crossfit, therefore, is valid. I will do my best, after I earn my Level I cert, to be a true coach to any clients I train, and ensure form is more important than speed.

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