Dutch Does Snatch Drills

By Mike Burgener

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September 23, 2008

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Dutch visited Mike’s Gym in mid-August, 2008. Dutch is a great athlete (finished 7th overall in the 2008 CrossFit Games), with a decent amount of Oly-lifting experience. Coach B put him through a series of strengthening drills, including the Snatch Balance.

After Snatch Balancing 90kg (about 10% more than his Snatch PR), Dutch goes for a 1RM Snatch. He breaks his PR twice, topping out at 86kg. Not too shabby for weighing 70kg (155lbs). 5min 58sec

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13 Comments on “Dutch Does Snatch Drills”


wrote …

there's nothing that feels quite like a nice snatch!


wrote …

Great coaching, great snatch, terrific job and workout.


Adam Kayce wrote …

That was a great progression to see, Coach B. Thanks for that.

Nice work, Dutch! Great focus.

I just think it's so cool to see athletes & coaches operate at such a high level. Great model, great example.


wrote …

I think I speak for most beginner oly lifters when I say the snatch is one of the more intimidating lifts. It's a very dynamic and explosive lift and I worry that if I don't do it correctly, I can, at worst, hurt myself and at best, develop bad habits.
Thanks for posting this progression so I know how to work up to the snatch in a safe manner. Also, if I video myself at lower weights, I have video of good form to compare to. Thanks again!!


wrote …

What a great teaching/coaching progression. Thanks Coach B and Dutch!


wrote …

Two records in one day - Awesome work, Dutch!

I've had some success with the C&J thus far, thanks to Coach Bergener's tips in the CFJ, but I've been struggling with the snatch. I think I'm trying to do too much, too fast, and psyching myself out.

I loved the skill progression coach Bergener had you run through, on your way to the 85 and 86 kg efforts.

Thanks, Dutch and Coach B - I'll be digging into this one bright and early, tomorrow morning.


CrossFit Orillia


wrote …



wrote …

Awesome vid!! I speak as well for other CrossFitters this lift is the best when practiced properly. Great coaching


wrote …

Awesome video! I love the Oly lifts. These videos help me tremendously.


wrote …

That's how you play golf!


wrote …

I PR'd the snatch last week at 135lbs at a BW of 145. I then continued with "Isabel" 30 snatches for time (27:05). This was done with no personal coaching except that from the CrossFit main site.

I credit and thank Coach Burgener for his video clips. The clarity of his coaching comes the through on video as if he is there in person. It has helped me immensely.

This video is phenomenal. Good work Dutch.

Thanks Coach.


wrote …

I wish I was on the west coast of the USA...I'm sure I would be hammering at coach B's door. His instructional videos are so spot on! They have improved my technique dramatically.

As always crossfit is inspiring...my wife is forever saying...I've lost him to crossfit,my daughter now 6yrs "trains" with daddy in the "gym"(garage).

Thanks crossfit. Thanks coach B.


replied to comment from Ty Jones

I totally agree with Ty. I have been making a mess of snatches as a Crossfit beginner and worrying that I'm going to wreck myself! This depth of analysis really helps break it all down into simple drills. Coach B rocks!

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