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Groundfighting Drills by Tony Blauer - CrossFit Journal

Groundfighting Drills

By Tony Blauer

In Combatives, LEO/Mil, Videos

September 14, 2008

Video Article

Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical introduces a series of real world groundfighting drills. Designed originally for law enforcement and military scenarios, the drills shown in this video have been adapted to personal street defense. The four drills are:

1. Flexors vs Extensors
2. Legs Only
3. Inside the Legs
4. Protecting the Advantage

Tony Blauer is a pioneer in scenario-based combatives, and has specialized in techniques to survive a surprise attack or “Murphy Moment” as he describes it. He focuses on the body’s natural reactions and inherent physiology to increase the likelihood of survival and dominance. 10min 25sec

In addition to the other Journal articles, there have been a number of Blauer videos on the main site over the years. See the list here.

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5 Comments on “Groundfighting Drills”


Adam Kayce wrote …

I've enjoyed Tony's videos before, and busted a gut watching a few of them. But this one blew me away.

I used to study martial arts, and thought I might again someday. But after seeing what Tony's philosophies are, and how they're put into practice, I can't imagine studying any fighting art but this (except maybe BJJ... but they seem very complementary).

Anyways, chalk me up into the 'impressed and eager' column.


wrote …

Man I want to go to one of Tony's seminars! "...go get an expresso." Hilarious!


wrote …

Hey guys.

I teach Krav Maga and a fair amount of Reality based Stuff. Both technically and from a teaching perspective this is outstanding - in the first few seconds Tony covered stopping chokes - strikes to the face and a reversal using only 1 technique.

Really impressive.

Paul Grey
Crossfit Bristol
Krav Maga Bristol


wrote …

Amazing stuff. Some of this has been incorporated into Met officer safety techniques. Really want to study the sytem in more depth but unable to find any classes/courses in London UK. Can anyone help?


wrote …

Pretty awesome stuff. Being a former DT instructor for Law Enforcement in VA, and an avid martial artist, I can see the usefulness of this for self-defense and LEO application. No-nonsense, not over-complicated, and quick to learn. Outside 90 application in ground fighting is a brilliant concept, though it may be a little risky if you're unlucky enough to be in a ground fight with an experienced BJJ/Sambo/Catch wrestling artist. Nevertheless, if you can create an opening with it, you can use it to escape. Nice.

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