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Kyle Maynard Comes to a Level 1 Cert - Day 1 by Tony Budding - CrossFit Journal

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September 03, 2008

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Kyle Maynard says that he has been doing things that people didn't expect him to do for a long time. Though he was born with a rare condition called congenital amputation, Kyle lives a normal life. He played football in 6th grade, and wrestled in high school. He found CrossFit several months ago and trained in his basement. He's also written a bestselling book No Excuses: The True Story of a Congenital Amputee Who Became a Champion in Wrestling and in Life, and regularly gives motivational talks around the country.

Kyle attended the Level 1 Certification seminar in Virginia Beach on August 9-10, 2008. This video is an interview with Kyle after Day 1, along with his workout (a modified Fran) and highlights from the day.

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14 Comments on “Kyle Maynard Comes to a Level 1 Cert - Day 1”


Colin Jenkins wrote …


I have followed your success and used you as inspiration to push myself since you were in high school tearing up the wrestling mats. I'm truly excited to see that you have joined the CrossFit Family! It's great to see you still continuing to push yourself to greater and greater levels. If you ever find yourself near Ventura, California, we would love to have you stop by and visit us at our box! Good luck Kyle, and I hope to be cheering you on in the 2012 Olympic Games!



wrote …

WOW! At first on the burpees I thought the video had been sped up until I saw everyone in the background moving at regular speed. I am amazed and inspired. This should be required viewing for everyone.

I just hope you don't make it to the games next year. I'd hate to tell people that I had my butt kicked by a guy with no arms and legs.


wrote …

Kyle, I love the example you set of accepting what is and getting on with the business of creating a life you are excited to live. I aspire to that standard and need examples like yours to stay on track. I salute you, and thank you. Paul


wrote …

I was at the cert with Kyle. It was truely inspirational!
It was an honor to meet him!


wrote …

Kyle -

As all have alluded to above, you truly are an inspiration. With your heart, will, determination, and drive you're bound to find success in all that you attempt. Your efforts are admirable, to say the least. Continue your goal for the bid of the 2012 Olympics, I'll be cheering for you!



Adam Kayce wrote …

Way to go, Kyle — when I watched this video and saw your spirit, it reminded me of how many times I've given up when the obstacles I've had to cross have been minuscule... and how ridiculous that is.

Right now I'm rehabbing from an injury, and I often realize how much I took my previous physical condition for granted. "Little things", like putting on my shoes to go to the gym—that I didn't even think of before—now take me 20 minutes. It's a shift in perspective that my injury has given me, and it's helped me to appreciate all that I have even more... and, it's made me want to make the most of what I have and who I am.

I hope your gym, your message, and the "shift in perspective" that your efforts can help others have, inspire many, many people to make the most of what they have.

Thanks for sharing with us.


Rich Vos wrote …

That's some awesome coaching!


wrote …

Lost 35 straight straight matches and still didn't quite. WOW. As a father, I can only imagine how tough that was for your father, and then to keep telling you not to quit. Shows what incredible courage and character you both have. Keep it up Kyle!


wrote …

Great video! It really shows the core of Crossfit, which is "Functional movements at a relatively high intensity!" The intensity was evident, which is what made the movie inspiring. It's something for me to keep in mind during my next workout.


wrote …

Very impressive video. Kyle's positive attitude is as motivational as his drive. I think I have a new hero :)


wrote …

I bought Kyle's book at B & N to find out more about his whole story. I'm sure it's bound to be as inspirational as this clip.


wrote …



replied to comment from Colin Jenkins

You inspire me to tell others than whine and say they can't do it, I will tell them about you. You ROCK!!! Thank you for you and who you are! Karla Southern


wrote …

I'm going to a level 1 cert this weekend and I'm feeling very nervous about the experience. I have watched almost every video on the journal and this, by far, was the most inspirational. I had tears in my eyes watching the intensity he displayed during the muscle ups. Thank you and God Bless!

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