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Nick Hawkes' Snatch Training at Mike's Gym: Part 2 by Mike Burgener - CrossFit Journal

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September 11, 2008

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Coach Burgener continues his session with Nick Hawkes on the snatch. In this video, Coach B takes him through the setup position and initial pulls, and a drill called halting deadlifts. Nick was setting up too high and not keeping the bar back in the initial pull. Halting deadlifts are another drill to train proper positioning through the initial pulls. 4min 39sec

Here is the previous entry: Part 1.

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6 Comments on “Nick Hawkes' Snatch Training at Mike's Gym: Part 2”


wrote …

Is there a way of having crossfit journal remember your user name and password so you don't need to type it in everytime...absolutely love the new format by the way. Would love to see more bio's of what the top firebreathers are doing with their training and diets. Really enjoy that stuff.


replied to comment from Chris Harrison

Chris use a browser that remembers your log in info like firefox!


wrote …

More from Mike please! How about the same for the clean? 1st pull, transition and second pull with Mike coaching? Watching Mike coaching Nick on snatch was the best yet for my boys. Thanks, Duncan Beattie


wrote …

When I was in Iraq and found CF, I downloaded all the files of Coach B teaching the O lifts w Sage. I've wanted to learn these lifts for literally 35 years - ever since imitating Alexiev with a fireplace log while watching the 72 Olympics. Doing a squat clean seemed unimaginable - I thought my knees would fail under the load, I literally couldn't squat deeply enough to really do a squat clean, and I certainly didn't know how to hold a bar on my delts without extreme pain. That's all the stuff I knew I would have a problem with - I didn't know all the stuff I didn't know about these lifts.

Six months later I was squat cleaning 135 for Elizabeth, partially from learning the med ball clean at a cert, but mostly from watching those vids of Coach B and Sage - which made the whole thing seem possible. For me, hitting a PR snatch or clean is a dream come true.

I was able to meet Coach B at the Games and visit with him briefly, and enjoyed both very much. Every time I turned around on the day he was at the Games, he was giving someone pointers on how to do the lifts. It reminded me of Coach Glassman's comment on how he was the kind of person that, were he to be flipping burgers for a living, he'd be in the parking lot on the break teaching co-workers how to air squat. Here's a guy who has a son in the Olympics, and is a master of teaching avg Joes/Janes or elite competitors - who loves teaching and sharing his knowledge so much he's holding forth on lifting instead of watching the competion or visiting with friends. It was a treat and humbling to see it.

Thanks Coach B, and thanks Coach Glassman for finding the incredible folks that are 'CrossFit.' Paul


Adam Kayce wrote …

These are a great pair of videos. It's interesting to compare them to the ones of Coach B with Pat; it seems as if Pat had more corrections to make, and Nick is just nailing them left and right. Both are valuable, of course... it's just interesting to see the differences in coaching.

It's cool to see Nick in the vids, too; he was the first CrossFitter I ever talked to face-to-face. Small world, great community.


wrote …

Can we get more instructional videos from coach b? His instructional videos are incredible.

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