The Boz and Todd Experience - Episode 1, Part 2

By Adrian Bozman & Todd Widman

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September 29, 2008

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Adrian Bozman and Todd Widman are two of CrossFit’s top trainers. They spend a significant portion of their time traveling around the country working the CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 certification seminars.

In this episode, we catch them in a visit to CrossFit Flood, where they do two private training sessions and one group class. This Part 2 focuses on Boz’s training of Tatum Lehman. Tatum was struggling with her Oly-lifts. Boz takes her through an extensive review of the clean and jerk, after which she does a Running-Broken-Grace. Throughout the workout, Boz guides Tatum around the edges of technique, efficiency, and intensity. 10min 18sec



14 Comments on “The Boz and Todd Experience - Episode 1, Part 2”


Ryan Powell wrote …

how does one get lucky enough to get a one-on-one training "experience" with Boz or Todd?


wrote …

Great video and coaching technique by Boz. Stay classy.


wrote …

Great coaching and funny as hell at the end......


Agreed - excellent coaching. It always drives me nuts when people think coaching is a bunch of rah-rah, yelling, or "Go! Go! Go!" I mean some of that is fine, sure... but reminders, pointers, actionable stuff; that's where the gems lie.

And I thought Boz's comments of "this is the real meal deal here," and, "be the boss" were classics.


wrote …

Hahaha! Classic. I love these two. Great work Boz. "Stay Classy San Diego" ... love it.


wrote …

Good video, but I wish we could have heard more of Boz's instruction during Tatum's skill work/warm-up. I know I would benefit greatly from learning what Boz sees when watching her movements, and hearing how he then conveys that to the client. There was some of that during the workout, but I thought there could have been more of it throughout.


wrote …

Great instruction. I have just started looking at crossfit. It ROCKS!!


wrote …

Todd, or Sir,

Good to see your doing well and enjoying what your doing. By the way I love the rat tail hanging off your chin. Never thought I would see that. Alright Sir, Take care and if your ever in Camp Lejeune you got a lot of your Lt's out here. SHoot me an email sometime

Josh James


wrote …

Boys - Just come to SFCF. I am coached by Boz three times a week. One of the best coaches I have ever met. Its definitely a toss up between him and Kstar in my eyes.


wrote …

Great video. I really liked how he was actively coaching through the WOD. There is a big difference between coaching and cheerleading and this video clearly demonstrates that.
Good stuff guys keep it up.


wrote …

Todd...were you a Marine Captain? I swear I met you at SASO training.


wrote …


when I try to view these videos I get the message"no video". What format are they in? Any help out there?



wrote …

Excellent video, great coaching style, great athlete. I have a newbie question--why did they decide that Tatum should do power cleans in this WOD, instead of full cleans?


Donalda Wengel wrote …

Great job coaching Adrian! A big props to Tatum! I am a runner as well...older yes but still runner...and found that I have the exact same "goats" as you do! I am going to actually incorporate this for myself!

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