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Certified - Steve Davis comes to a L1 Cert by Steve Davis - CrossFit Journal

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October 01, 2008

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Steve Davis is a biology teacher and the strength and conditioning coach at St. John's High School in Shrewsbury, MA. After finding CrossFit and experimenting himself, he introduced the program to a few of his student athletes. Their success gave Steve the impetus to get certified so he could implement the program more widely and effectively.

This video, produced by the Again Faster crew, tracks Steve's experience before, during, and after the CrossFit Level 1 certification seminar in Virginia Beach, VA on August 23-24, 2008.

13min 49sec

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23 Comments on “Certified - Steve Davis comes to a L1 Cert”


wrote …

Great video...interview and intensity. I am also CF I and us CF methods/workouts for a fitness class at a high school. I couldn't agree with him more. Keep on pushing and making a difference in the lives of our future.


wrote …

Good luck with all of your kids Steve. Another well done video by the Again Faster crew.


Darren Coughlan wrote …

Great Watch!

Easy the best CrossFit video Ive seen in a while.


wrote …

Very Insipiring. Keep it up Steve.


wrote …

I was at this cert. Great video and a great Fran effort Steve. :-)


wrote …

Man, when Steven was getting ready for Fran, I actually started to feel adrenalin rush in my body :), you know it's gonna hurt, it's gonna be tough, bit fear, this expectation of WOD...
I know how it feels to be before WOD and my life is so much better because of that :). I believe we all share this feeling.


wrote …


I can relate to you. I went to a cert. last weekend at Blauer to use with kids as a high school wrestling ooach and develop an overall program for all athletes at our school. Your video definitely has inspired me in this venture. How many kids to you work with in your workouts? Right now, running "winter sports" workouts, I at times have 50 kids in a 1000sq.ft. room. Any suggestions from anyone out there. I have tendency to do a lot of FGB type workouts. Also do a lot of "Running Angie" type of WOD's. I want to incorporate more heavy days or heavy MetCon's but difficult with the numbers and equipment. Any ideas from anyone would be great.

Great video!


wrote …

Steven, Great to see that more and more high schools are bringing CrossFit to their programs. We here at St.John's Prep in Danvers MA play St. John's in almost all sports. 3-2-1-GO!!! Vin


wrote …

Great video!! I was at this cert as well and Steve's Fran was awesome! If I remember correctly he was leading his group heading into the last round of pull ups!

Keep up the good work Steve!


wrote …

Nice Steve. Glad to really see the responsiblity in your eyes when it comes to the kids you train- admirable.

Good effort on Fran. Everytime you missed your chin over the bar I was like "NO!"


wrote …

This video was inspirational. Great effort, Steve - and excellent attitude toward training teens, and introducing them to the CrossFit lifestyle.

We (CrossFit Orillia) have had several high school students sign up in the last couple of months. Every day, they blow me away with their energy, enthusiasm and "can-do" attitude, but as you said, they will go as hard as you let them - especially in a room full of their peers!

In my opinion, CrossFit is not only the #1 athletic conditioning program available, it's also the #1 character development program for teens, providing the tools and training they need to safely navigate the many emotional / social challenges they will face.

Long live Coach! Long live CrossFit!




wrote …

Steve, I love the hunger for information in your eyes, and the fact that you are taking the responsibility to really learn what CroosFit is about, and your taking that information back to your kids and teaching them the right way by scalling back the workouts. Great job, great video, and great Fran!!


wrote …

Great great video. Very motivational. I couldn't even talk for about 15 min after Fran at my cert (must of been the extra adrenaline) so I know how you feel. Keep up the good work with the kids Steve!


wrote …

Fantastic vid. I am going to the cert in Toronto in 10 days and have felt a growing nervousness since the day I signed up six weeks ago. Even now just typing this my heart rate is elevated a bit. Really enjoyed seeing and hearing your perspective while at your cert. I know my feelings will be similar.
Great effort on Fran and congrats on the muscle up!



Ian Carver wrote …

Solid work, Steve. You've got all the right attitude and charactersistics of a good coach and athlete. Keep up the great work - that Fran time is going to plummet for you! I was as stoked as you were while watching you hit that M/U - I love the feeling of seeing other people and my clients success!

That was a well done video all around!


wrote …

That was awesome.


wrote …

Well done video. I really enjoyed it. Esp. like the quote, ā€œIā€™m not going to reach the age where I become complacent.ā€


wrote …

Todd...were you a Marine Captain? I swear I've met you at SASO training.


wrote …

Truly awesome and inspiring. I can really see the passion in your eyes Steve - the passion to train your students and the passion you have to achieve your goals.


wrote …

Enjoyed the video. Its inspiring seeing "older" guys crossfitting. I'll be 38 this month and seeing the stories of guys like Steve and Jeff Tincher really keeps me motivated.


wrote …

I really enjoyed the video and I could relate to Steven in many ways.

I am high school teacher and the rugby coach and have been working crossfit as my teams' fitness program for two seasons. I feel the same way as Steve does about keeping the kids safe. BTW- My program was very successful last season.

Now I am preparing a new set of boys at a new school to play in the spring. I enjoy seeing them get faster, stronger and fitter. I am learning to incorporate SAQ drills into/along side the WOD. (If people are already doing that I would love advice.)

Coaching never was so much fun or challenging.



wrote …



wrote …

awesome video!

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