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CrossFit Kids - Teaching the Squat by Jeff Martin - CrossFit Journal

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October 06, 2008

Video Article

Jeff Martin shows his progression for teaching young kids how to air squat in this video captured at the CrossFit Kids certification seminar on July 28, 2008.

Kids are not just little adults. They don’t think about their bodies the way adults do, so they don’t respond to the same cues. Uniformity, repetition, visual, kinesthetic, and audio cuing are all necessary for teaching kids. Compound that with the group dynamics of a roomful of five to eight year olds, and a special strategy is required. This video is for anyone who has ever used the phrase “lumbar curve” with a child under ten. 8min 44sec

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22 Comments on “CrossFit Kids - Teaching the Squat”


wrote …

That was fantastic.... heck, I think most adults should probably learn that way. I even learned something new and a new 'q' for myself.


wrote …

those cues were great!


wrote …

I agree most adults showed probably need those same ques.


Joshua Hunnicutt wrote …

Simply Amazing. Details like this are why Crossfit is what it is...the end all be all. The Truth.


Erik Miller wrote …

Great Vid!! I learned a lot! CrossFit=Education (and a whole bunch of other stuff too)


wrote …

Great video. Can Jeff show us who he would teach the Dead lift.


wrote …

great video. The superhero stance is priceless, especially for getting that full extension. love the videos. keep up the phenomenal work!


wrote …

I have an adult client that I have all those same problems say move your feet out a little and she moves her feet out a good 2 feet. I am going to try that thumbs on shoulder cue with her! Plus, pushing the hips back. Priceless!


Colm O Reilly wrote …

Jeff that is absolutely fantastic stuff. I've coached kids a long time (MMA) and truly am in awe of your teaching methodologies and training. Can't wait to do a cert sometime.

Excellent work.


wrote …

the cues are really right on point. i had one of my male clients do that after fighting with foot and width position, and he got it the first time! all i couold say was ... d*** nice vid and excellent job in working with the children.


wrote …

I am a Marine, so this "Barney syle" teaching method is great for my simple mind. Thanks for the video.


wrote …

Very helpful - keep em coming, thanks


wrote …

That really was an amazing video. I have a feeling I'll be using a lot of the same cues to teach my younger brother the squat.


Actually teaching the deadlift to kids is one of our favorites. Once you teach kids the proper back position it's a three step process to get them deadlifting well. We have developed a couple of great cues to get them in the right position. We will put something together for Tony.


wrote …

Great video! I used this protocol w/ a group of 12 y.o. kids today and it worked great!


wrote …

Kudos! I've logged all these cues in the ol' memory bank.


wrote …

excellent video


wrote …

I really enjoyed this video. Thanks.


wrote …

I am lucky enough to work with and for Jeff and Mikki Martin. I have used the "kids" cues many times with clients. Especially a client that may not be naturally athletic.


wrote …

I have to say even though I've been doing squats, deadlifts, etc for years, watching all of the videos on teaching kids has taught me some good info. It may seem well for lack of better words, "childish" to an adult but well worth it. I know a few people that could benefit from these videos or instruction cues and will be sharing this with them this week.

Thank you


wrote …

This is great! I'm going to use this on my adult clients, it's virtually idiot proof. The best part is there is no technical crap!


wrote …

Brilliant q's for children & adults alike!
Thank u : )

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