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This is the fourth part of the Programming lecture from the CrossFit Level 1 certification seminar at CrossFit One World in Union City, CA on May 11, 2008. Dave Castro covers single modality workouts. He discusses the various ways to program and approach single modality weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural workouts. Key points are why everyone needs to go heavy sometimes, when to incorporate practice, and why you should be a little nervous before working out. 10min 44sec

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11 Comments on “CrossFit Programming Part 4”


wrote …

Very new to crossfit. Dave Castro's videos are really great. I am learning so much. Thank you Croccfit. You ROCK!!


wrote …

Okay Dave, my new 400 m goal is 1:01. My current fastest is 1:10 so I've got some work to do. Great vid, I've been attacking my 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 days hard but probably not hard enough on the first few sets, that changes starting now.


wrote …

Wow this is great! I'll have to watch the collection of Dave Castro's videos a couple times to really sink all this in. It makes a lot of sense and answers even more questions. Even though this isn't exactly what they do in choosing the main site's WODs, it helps tremendously with tracking, measuring, enhancing performance with clientele.

One question comes to mind right now and he touched very breifly on it. Warming up. He said, "Lets say the workout is deadlift, you're warming up with the deadlift...". I know he was making the point about counting your "warm-up numbers" as your actual "workout set numbers", but what about the CFWU? Is the CFWU a "staple" before all the WODs and you would add WOD specific warm-ups (ie. Burgener warm-up, deadlift warm-up, jump rope warm-up) after completing the CFWU?


Daniel Schmieding wrote …

I'd still complete the CFWU before heavy lifting. Gets you into the zone if nothing else.


Zach Forrest wrote …

It's going to be completely up to you, Cory. Generally speaking, the point of a warm-up is two-fold: 1) Raise the bodies core temperature and prepare the muscles for intense output and 2) to prepare the nervous system for the movement (more essential to single-modality days described in the video).

What you DON'T want to do is fatigue yourself from the warmu-up. If the CFWU actually makes you tired, scale it back or choose a different/more effective warm-up.


wrote …

As a beginner I swear, this motivates me so much, to want to excel and be better at this program more than ever. I hope we can have instructors and teachers such as this video's for generations to come, with a willingness to teach and give so much time to the kids.


wrote …

dave's programming lectures are top-notch. cant wait for part 5.


wrote …

I was listening to part 2 and Dave Castro says "above[sic] the muscle-up, there are a lot of tricks you can do on the rings." What are they?


wrote …

Iron cross, maltese, handstand pushups, etc.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

This was awesome. I am gonna keep going back, back and BACK to reading some of the earlier and earlier articles

I still remember getting the journal sent to me via e mail in PDF, it seems so loooong ago, but I loved those articles....

Time to travel back in time......

Good shiz, DC, no doubt



Eli Lambert wrote …

Did anyone else catch that Dave said in this video that he'd rather chew on his pistol before doing 5K or 10K row, and then 5 years later he programmed a 21K row in the 2013 games? I thought that was funny.
Great video, fantastic instructor.

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