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CrossFit Radio Episode 3 081005 by Neil Anderson - CrossFit Journal

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October 06, 2008

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This is the third episode of CrossFit Radio that aired 9AM PDT on October 5th, 2008.

03:47 Kyle Maynard interview - Introduction and conclusion only. Unfortunately, there was a temporary failing with both the studio recording equipment and the back up recording, and most of this interview was lost.
07:35 Marine Corps Scout-sniper instructor "Matt" discusses the efficacy of CrossFit
17:30 Wii Fit "Review"
21:58 Special surprise guest appearance by Greg Glassman
30:55 New segment - No News in the News
32:33 Affiliate co-director Lisa Lugo interview
46:03 Comments of the Week
47:55 CrossFit Games 2008 winner Jason Khalipa interview

1hr 13min 24sec

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4 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 3 081005”


wrote …

That sucks that you lost part of Kyle's interview! I'm glad I was able to listen live this week. I ran right out and got a WII after the show. I can't wait to stick my leg out.


wrote …

Keep up the good work Neil. Expect 'technical difficulties' for about another 6 months. I worked at a studio that was around for 30 years and there were still mysterious 'bugs'. It's the nature of doing radio.


Ned Ferguson wrote …

Lisa gives the web address for her store as "" That doesn't look right, as that web address belongs to a garbage link-mill site littered with pop-ups. As best I could tell from looking around, the correct address is "" Hopefully, others will be able to figure this out as well.


Rich Vos wrote …

Neil, loved the CF Podcast. Khalipa's interview gave me some great ideas to improve my training. Keep up the excellent work. Oh, and Rogue Fitness really is as great as everyone says!

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