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This is the fifth episode of CrossFit Radio that aired 8AM PDT on October 19th, 2008.

0:00 Show Intro
3:13 Josh Bunch - Competitive bodybuilder using CrossFit
23:24 How to know you've been sipping too much of the Kool-Aid
26:15 "News" from ACSM and AHA
30:55 Nicole Carroll - CrossFit HQ Director of Training
49:10 Comments of the week
52:15 Brian Mackenzie - CrossFit Endurance

1hr 18min 23sec

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3 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 5 081019”


wrote …

Great explanation bro... thanks for bringing up the topic! Josh B. is a humble man in spite of a lot of critics of what he is doing. Get out there and kick some body builder ass!

3...2...1...get some!



replied to comment from Jay Stellwagen


Thanks alot bro......all the emails I have recieved are super cool, Crossfit as always sets the standard for the coolest best athletes, and people, u could ever wanna meet...thanks...jb


wrote …

HEYY!!! i wasn't being a smart a$$ with my question about the chick weight! (just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing something) but thanks for addressing it :) i appreciate you guys taking the time.

The nasty girls video was the first exposure to crossfit i had. i showed everyone i knew cuz i thought it was so badass (they thought i was crazy)... watching nicole (and the others) bust out some of those work outs totally motivated me to get into this and back in the gym.
Just wanted to say thanks!!!


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