Swimming in the CrossFit Sea

By Henk Verschuur

In Combatives, Competition, CrossFit, MMA

October 08, 2008

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You can read a book about the sea. You can look at a video about the sea. But if you never take the real plunge you don’t know what the sea is actually like! Well, I took the plunge in the CrossFit Sea at the Level 1 cert in San Diego, and this is my little story.

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Henk Verschuur; I am the president of the Dutch Martial Arts Federation (a member of the National Olympic Committee of the Netherlands). We are always looking for ways to improve our athletes, and although we produce a large number of world and continental champions, events are getting less easy to win.

I had the brilliant idea of testing CrossFit as the physical basic training for our man in the heavyweight division. To make a long story short, the new heavyweight champion Sanda lives in, and originated from, the Netherlands, Europe. We needed to know more about CrossFit!

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wrote …

Henk, Thanks for your 'little story.' Thanks for contributing to the CF sea. I hope you will find your relationship with Fran to be as intense and fruitful as your relationship to the martial arts! Paul


wrote …

I was expecting to hear his accent as I read the PDF but didn't get any.
I am glad to see the CF is doing great things for high end athletics.
Makes me feel great as I do the work out to know other people who get paid to train are doing the same thing.
It also makes me feel good that I can get such high level training and not be charged a dime, cause I do it at my house!!


wrote …

Henk, It's cool to hear that you took so much from the cert, I think everyone does! Where do you and your athletes train in Holland? I'm living in Driebergen and it would be great to meet you.


wrote …

Great story, I kind of wished it was longer. Maybe he can write a follow-up in a couple of months to let us know how everything has progressed. I am definitely interested to see how crossfit will integrate into the fighters training and how they will improve. Good Stuff!

Sean Murphy, The Crossfit Journey


wrote …

Another Dutch Crossfitter I haven't seen before! Nice :-). I live in Gouda and went to the Manchester Cert. I build my own garage gym since there are no Crossfit gyms in the Netherlands yet. That will change but for now I train from home. If you want to train we can meet up. I am also interested to hear where Henk is training his athletes.



wrote …

Groetjes, Henk;

Excellent article. Nice to see CrossFit spreading to the Motherland. Good luck with your efforts in Holland, and please keep the CF community posted on your experiences.

Long live Coach! Long live CrossFit!


Brian Opdenkelder
CrossFit Orillia


replied to comment from Nolan Mooney

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your kind comments. It feels like being a part of a big family.
I am currently travelling with some of the Dutch athletes to Italy, Poland, Bermuda and Bali.
We train our athletes at the National Olympic Centre in Papendal when it comes to Martial Arts and we train our athletes in several gyms in the Netherlands when it comes to Crossfit. We just go with the possibilities we find there. I am in the middle of sport political negotiations to build a European Training Centre which will hold a multi disciplined hall for different martial arts and on my special request a Crossfit Gym inside and outside. I am working towards participation of China and Japan who will pitch in on behalf of the source-countries and The Netherland, France, Germany, Greece and Belgium on behalf of the European countries. I will definitely keep everybody posted on the developments. For my Dutch fellow crossfitters: it would be great to get together and see how we can promote Crossfit in The Netherlands. Reply with your email addresses and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
I will update you all on the progression of the Dutch athletes after the last tournaments due to the fact that we will test them thoroughly come mid December. Last but not least I will talk to all the Wushu(Chinese Martial Arts) representative of Europe in the coming weekend about our new trainingmethods and some our Olympic athletes from other disciplines will join a small test training which I will conduct in two weeks. Preparation to integrate Crossfit in other professional sports are in progress for understandable reasons I can't reveal yet which famous athletes and clubs are involved here. Respectfull regards, Henk

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