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CrossFit Programming Part 5 by Dave Castro - CrossFit Journal
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This is the fifth part of the Programming lecture from the CrossFit Level 1 certification seminar at CrossFit One World in Union City, CA on May 11, 2008.

Dave Castro covers the two main workout types: Task priority and time priority. In task priority workouts, the total work is fixed, with the time it takes to complete up to you. In time priority workouts, the time is fixed, with the total amount of work completed up to you. Fitness is the ability to do more work in less time. It's essential to program exercises, loads, and reps with this work/time relationship in mind.

Note that audio only versions are also available for this series.

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4 Comments on “CrossFit Programming Part 5”


wrote …

Fantastic content.

You're not just introducing us to the man behind the curtain, you're showing us what every single one of his buttons and levers does, and helping us understand how he decides the sequence in which to operate them.

This is an excellent sequence of videos on Programming. Thanks, and keep them coming!


wrote …

This is a tremendously thoughtful, helpful series for the newcomer to CrossFit, as well as the more experienced practicioner. Would it be possible at some point to combine this with the "vintage" coach Glassman pieces that explain the theory and foundations of CrossFit, into a foundational tutorial? I think they would flow well together, and provide a more complete tutorial or refresher for those at all experience levels. Currently, one has to search a bit on the Journal website to pull out the same pieces.


wrote …

Good series: priceless for programming our WODs


wrote …

Awesome lecture series. I am studying for my level 2 right now and this series is really helpful. Thanks.

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