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This is the 10th episode of CrossFit Radio, which aired at 8am PST on November 23rd, 2008.

0:00 Show Intro, JJ's wrestlers, Neil's PRs
5:30 Tanya Wagner of CrossFit Apex
24:00 Freddy Camacho of CrossFit One World
49:30 Story from Trevor
52:00 Coach Mark Rippetoe of CrossFit Wichita Falls

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8 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 10 081123”


freddy camacho wrote …

Neil, Thanks for having me on. I shouldn't do interviews while I'm half asleep. I need to clarify that we started One World in 2005, and I did my first workout on March 28, 2006. Look forward to talking to you again.


wrote …

..."you've wasted more than that last week on tacos. Subscribe to the Journal."
Classic Rip.


wrote …

just wanted to say that I love listening to your show, Can't listen live cause I'm at church so I am checking constantly to see when the mp3 is posted.

And FYI pwned is pronounced owned. It is spelled that way because some programmer misspelled it in a game, so gamers start typing it that way (not necessarily hackers).

Keep it up!


wrote …

Awesome show boys - appreciate the quality interviews!

Curious about what Coach Rip says about his experiences that those lacking strength to do as RX'd WODs benefit from SS and then jumping back in with CF WODs - is there any data or has anyone found this to be true in their own performances?

Mr.Castro at the Sydney level 1 cert was adamant that all you need is CF if you're lacking the ability to do the WOD's as RX'd due to the loads involved.

I'm really fascinated about how strength can (and a lack of it) adversely affect met-con wods...

What does everyone else think?


wrote …

Rip is a legend! As a combination "no news in the news", wasting money on things other than Crossfit journal and gneral agreement with Rip - save for any desire to laugh, don't waste your time looking at this month's NSCA journal... apparently weightlifting is good, overhead pressing is described but nowhere near the quality of explanation as here and " a coach does not have to pigeonhole himself or herself to one type of explosive training and should avoid doing so"...

Why, thank you fellas. I wish I'd spent that money on Tacos rather than on NSCA membership.

Neil - like your work and the way you seem to be developing over time. Good stuff


wrote …

Great show as usual. Though I was really bummed to find out I went to a barbell cert too early before they were handing out free copies of Starting Strength and Practical Programing. Oh well. (Though if you want to send them to me I wouldn't argue!)


wrote …

First off, great radio show- I especially liked the comments from Rip on this one. I don't post on all of these, but I was the "assclown" on the forums, so I figured I might as well chime in (the worst thing about the internet is you can't fix your stupidity). I'm a Yankee with so sense of humor and a horrible habit of cross-quoting to prove a point (which was that individual trainers make all the difference and Glassman's personality shouldn't be an issue, good or bad).

Now that I've done my penance, I'm looking forward to the Basic Barbell cert as well... though I'll have to find someone to give away my SS to...


wrote …


I'd take your SS, but after my cert I bought one of my own. Still don't have a PP though.

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