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King Kong x 2 Video by Rob Orlando - CrossFit Journal

King Kong x 2 Video

By Rob Orlando

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November 03, 2008

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This is the workout that Rob Orlando writes about here. Rob saw the CrossFit Alexandria video on the main site of and accepted the challenge. He did six rounds (instead of the original three) in 7:14.

See the original King Kong video with Matt Okonsky [wmv] [mov].

See Josh Everett’s 2:31 King Kong [wmv] [mov]

See Tamara Holmes perform Queen Kong.

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12 Comments on “King Kong x 2 Video”


wrote …

The use of not only 1 but 2 Pearl Jam songs in this video is almost as bad-ass as your performance. Well done all around, you are a beast!


wrote …

Good shit!


wrote …



John Sachs wrote …

unreal power.


wrote …

Ladies and gentlemen we have found King Kong!! Very impressive.


James Crichton wrote …

God, we have some animals doing crossfit! That was mad.


wrote …

incredible job... top notch fitness from Crossfitters.


wrote …

One of the things I really like about CrossFit is that we have monsters like this in competition with each other without all the trash talk of most sports. The CrossFit elite competitors are also open to giving advice and talking with us regular joes that are still scaling workouts just to get through. CrossFit is indeed a unique community.


wrote …


very impressive. I'm jealous because I don't have the physical gifts to do a workout like that..Truley amazing, looking forward to what you come up with in the future.


wrote …

Hey Rob O., that is what I am talking about, representing for us little guys here in Connecticut!! I think I am going to have to come up with a wod myself, maybe titled Godzilla!!!


wrote …

Impressive performance although I do have some comments based on form.

To me he doesn't fully lock out on the deadlift and the muscle ups are started with bent arms. Cleans are VERY nice and the HSPU as well.

I know I might get some heat from this comments but i thought I should say something.



replied to comment from Jason Milne

one day im gonna read a comments section and there wont be one single negative comment but as long as there are guys like you out there i guess ill have to wait for a day when maybe your internet is down or something?

with regards to the WOD, dynomite performance. 12,430 pounds ladies and gents (Rob weighs about 200)

455 x 6
200 x 12
250 x 18
200 x 24

12,430 Pounds

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