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Queen Kong by Tamara Holmes - CrossFit Journal

Queen Kong

By Tamara Holmes

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November 03, 2008

Video Article

Continuing with the King Kong phenomenon, Tamara Holmes (4th place overall in the 2008 CrossFit Games) took on the challenge and did Queen Kong with 325lb deadlifts and 185lb cleans.

See Rob Orlando's KingKinggg KongKonggg story here.

See the original King Kong video from CrossFit Alexandria [wmv] [mov].

See Josh Everett's 2:31 King Kong [wmv] [mov]

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4 Comments on “Queen Kong”


wrote …


the CrossFit dictionary MUST have a picture of Tamara Holmes under the entry "shero"


wrote …

Outstanding! Incredible! And Beautiful! You've got it all!


wrote …

Unreal Tamara. Inspirational.


wrote …

Amazing feat for a CF Athlete..however....Deadlift - the lumbar curve is lost on her back, form is weak with respect to starting position, not enough bend in the knees...almost looks like a good morning. Squat Clean also displays rounding out the lumbar curve at the bottom showing loss of control/form....too much weight! Better off scaling this back a few notches to regain form. Tamara has alot of heart.....but you're gonna get hurt if you perform WOD's similar to this on a regular basis.


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