Tanya is a Beast - Part 2

By Tanya Wagner

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November 17, 2008

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Tanya Wagner finished 2nd overall in the 2008 CrossFit Games. She was a D1 soccer goalie in college, and now she and her husband Josh are both PE teachers. They also run CrossFit Apex in Sellersville, PA.

Tanya recently attended the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Seminar with Coach Mike Burgener at CrossFit Montclair.

This video is the second, concluding part of Tanya’s story, put together by the crew at CrossFit Again Faster. She talks about her experiences as a D1 athlete in college and how the mental toughness required to compete at that level relates to both daily CrossFit workouts and the CrossFit Games. Also, Coach B works with her on finishing the extension and speed under the bar in the clean.

Part 1 of this video is here.


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3 Comments on “Tanya is a Beast - Part 2”


Darren Coughlan wrote …

Nice watch, great cues!


wrote …

Tanya is indeed a beast, great vid, makes it clear how much I could learn about the clean/jerk and snatch. One day, I'll get to one of Coach B's sessions. Paul


wrote …

I have a new word for Coach B! SHPO!
I derived this from his muddled Shrug - Pull - Go yelp (damn Devil Dogs)!!!!!
It goes like this... 'Up on your toes.... and.... SHPO!!!!!'
That one is free for you Coach B. Just my thanks for teaching a fair O-lifter to be a good O-lifter through your amazingly thorough videos.

Mucho Gracias,
J. Reed

PS- SHPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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