The Boz & Todd Experience - Episode 1, Part 3

By Adrian Bozman & Todd Widman

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November 06, 2008

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This is the final part of Episode 1 CrossFit Flood.

In this Part 3, Boz and Todd start with an interview of Steve Tankersly, the owner of CrossFit Flood. Then, it’s on to the group workout. The Friday afternoon class is large and stresses both the available space and equipment. They get creative, taking advantage of work/rest intervals to double up on equipment, and using benches and a tractor tire to supplement their standard boxes. They conclude with a standard sign-off (sort of).

Adrian Bozman and Todd Widman are two of CrossFit’s top trainers. They spend a significant portion of their time traveling around the country working the CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 certification seminars.

8min 24sec



5 Comments on “The Boz & Todd Experience - Episode 1, Part 3”


wrote …

todd its a church!


wrote …

Hahaha, Boz and Todd are awesome! Love the ending :0)


wrote …

Todd you are a cool MoFo, Best coach on my Level one hands down - Thanks.
Looking forward to the next Boz and Tod show!

Brett(Sydney L1Cert)


wrote …

Ending was the best. I went to turn another tab and heard the ending.. almost spit water all over my monitor..


wrote …

haha todd...

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