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Affiliate Gathering 08 - Coach Glassman’s Introduction by Greg Glassman - CrossFit Journal

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December 23, 2008

Video Article

The first ever CrossFit Affiliate Gathering took place on Feb 2-3, 2008 at the Sunset Station Hotel in Henderson, NV. Approximately 150 people attended.

This video is Coach Glassman’s brief introduction to the event and to Craig Patterson’s presentation (highlights of which will be published here soon). His main theme is that the love of training brings success to an affiliate, not any particular business model or even business savvy. So much so, he says, that you could swap the business models of the top five affiliates and they’d probably make identical money. It is the quality of training, the passion of the trainer, and the depth of community that drive our business.

4min 59sec

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9 Comments on “Affiliate Gathering 08 - Coach Glassman’s Introduction”


wrote …

Coach thanks for just making concepts that overwhelm me at times simple to digest. I idea of failure and success are presented in a simple and matter of fact way. You make my desire to take that next step easier and more realistic.I really appreciate your notion that if you are pationate that eventually something will click. Again thanks and God bless.


wrote …

What Greg is saying is really the ONLY sustainable business model: having a passion for serving the customer/client. It is a necessary ingredient for sustainable success. It may not be solely sufficient for optimal success, but your desire and intent to genuinely help the client/customer meet their expressed need will be evident, appreciated, and rewarded. Thanks, Greg, for your passion and insight, dedication, and integrity.


Allister Jones wrote …

Passion, integrity and an undying commitment to excellence.

I've know Craig Patterson (aka Patty) for 30 years (since I was 6) when he punched me in the stomach for taking a look at one of his Archie comics after he told me not to touch them.

Over the last 5 years he's been the most committed and enrolling I've ever seen, even more than some of the work he put into potential girlfriends in college.


wrote …

Coach always seems to capture the right sentiment and put it into terms that all of us can understand. That being said, I look forward to Patty's presentation. I'm just wondering how many time you have to hit the #$%^# BLEEP button? His classes were always a blast and the energy generated in Crossfit Vancouver could power the city!

Keep up the good work and bring on the next Journal!


wrote …

I am currently the Commanding Officer for a Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition Squadron (RSTA) at FT Riley Kansas. I have bought into the Crossfit program for my Squadron and my life = absolutely compliments the Soldier business. Crossfit goes way beyond just personal fitness - it is a complete challenge for building a strong lifestyle, giving people something to strive for and make themselves better for having tried. I know what I am doing after I retire from the Airborne Ranger business - starting my own Crossfit affiliate! Looking forward to further interactions with the Crossfit community. Gotta get past the multiple combat rotations first, so I can have time to dedicate to the formal certification process ;) Until then, I'll keep up on the journal, keep trying to convince the Army institution to adopt this training methodology (an uphill battle in an institution which doesn't accept change very easily), and enjoy the WODs. Duty First!

vr/scott nelson


wrote …

Thanks for the props boys

I am looking forward to seeing if Glassman bleepes it or not myself

I was a couple of scotch in when I went on stage

Merry x-mas (having a few in Flroida with the family)




wrote …



Zach Even - Esh wrote …

that kicked ass always :)



wrote …

Hi Coach Glassman! I want Crossfit so bad and have reflected on 10 years ago to lifting w/ you @ Spa Fitness. I live on Kauai now, but want to get back in touch. Any ideas how to contact Glassman? In the past known as,"little Dawn" Aloha, Dawn

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