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Choke Defense by Tony Blauer - CrossFit Journal

Choke Defense

By Tony Blauer

In Combatives, LEO/Mil, Videos

December 09, 2008

Video Article

In this video, Tony Blauer explains a drill to defend against a two-handed choke. The video was filmed at CrossFit Virginia Beach.

Street fights are almost always emotionally driven. Blauer refers to them as “Rage Attacks.” During this type of emotional, explosive surprise attack, the body’s natural response is a startle-flinch. Blauer contends that any stances, strategies, tactics or drills designed to protect yourself should be consistent with this.

In the case of the sudden two-handed chokehold, your hands will automatically come up and index the attacker’s hands. Once the initial startle-flinch is over, Blauer suggests you drop a free hand and launch a vertical elbow strike from inside the attacker’s arms. Whether or not this first elbow connects, the attacker’s death grip will mostly likely be broken, as your arm and shoulder will dislodge the grip. Now you’re in a great position to drop another elbow, strike, rake or pursue any other attack from the inside.

The two most important elements in street self-defense are acknowledging the body’s inevitable flinch response and using primal gross motor tactics to gain position. There is virtually no likelihood of successfully implementing complex motor skills in the first few seconds of an ambush-type attack.

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6 Comments on “Choke Defense”


AJ Noeldechen wrote …

very insightful segment


wrote …

Good stuff...


wrote …

Always good quality training from Tony Blauer.


wrote …

Tony B. knows his stuff. He makes it simple yet effective. Great job.


wrote …

Don't really have many instances to apply the demos within the video, but good nonetheless. However, the humor in his videos is extremely funny. Great delivery.


wrote …

@Ryan Whitenack - I'm no expert, and i'm not trying to be a jerk, but the point is you hope you never are in this type of situation, but if you are, you know how to respond when the pressure is on in an effective, efficient, and simple way.

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