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December 14, 2008

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This is the 13th episode of CrossFit Radio, which aired at 8am PST on December 14th, 2008.

0:00 Intro and Justin's wrestlers
7:00 Neil relapsed into a bodybuilding workout
9:00 Eric Vandermeersch from CrossFit Mississauga and the "extortion" letter
27:30 CrossFit Dental and the Fran record
32:45 No news in the news
36:00 Marcus Dedina from Sites as Rx'd
55:00 The politics surrounding Operation Phoenix

58min 28sec

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3 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 13 081214”


wrote …

Hey Neil & JJ,

Love the show. I just received the e-mail saying that I've been accepted to become an affiliate. Just listened to episode 13 and heard Marcus say he had a holiday special, $1,000.00 for making web sites. Can you please tell me how to get a hold of him? Thanks for your time. My e-mail address is:



wrote …

Where is the World Record for Fran at?


replied to comment from Timothy Mccormic


You can check out the WW Fran by clicking here - (or maybe copy and paste to your browser)

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