Freddy’s Revenge

By Tony Budding

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December 06, 2008

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On Saturday, September 6, 2008, several CrossFit Games celebrities got together for a workout during lunchtime at the CrossFit Level 1 certification seminar at CrossFit One World. Jason Khalipa, winner of the 2008 Games, Pat Barber (4th overall), Kallista Pappas (the youngest competitor in the open division at age 14), Adrian Bozman, and of course, Freddy Camacho competed in a modified Games workout.

The workout was 5 rounds for time of:
185lbs from shoulders to overhead anyhow, 5 reps
10 Burpees

It was called Freddy’s revenge because it was designed to favor Freddy’s strengths. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Khalipa’s raw power and Boz’s efficient mechanics were too much.

The video captures the best of CrossFit: Camaraderie, competition, and extraordinary physical feats by men and women of different ages.

The emotional interview with Kallista at the end of the video references her article, and was already featured in a Games post.

18min 5sec

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27 Comments on “Freddy’s Revenge”


wrote …

That video had so many funny moments, but my favorite at the end was Khalipa,"Is there a subway near by?" haha


replied to comment from Adam Scheiner

He must have said it at least three times that I could hear. "Subway: Post-workout Meal of Champions"


wrote …

Great video.
Kallista is one hard core girl. Just awesome and inspiring.

Looks like an intense workout.


Matt Wichlinski wrote …

why didn't anybody go behind neck? so much faster.


wrote …

Freddy may not be able to beat those guys at that WOD. But his tats make him look way cooler. I think we should all come back in 20 years and see if they can all beat Freddy's time. Of course, by then Freddy will probably have died of old age. But we could tell his grandchildren what a champion he really was!!!


wrote …

Burpee form seems to be bit different - Jason for instance lowers himself with say more control while in pushup position, Boz and Pat for instance drop to the ground (knees, legs). Obviously is different burpee, I would say Jason's is harder.
What do you guys think ?


replied to comment from Petr Ruzicka

Would do I think? I think burpees suck anyway you do them, and I have done way too many, but for some stupid reason I subject myself so them on a consistent daily basis. The person who first invented the burpee is easily one of the worst people to ever walk the earth and in fact it was probably satan. Screw burpees and while I'm on the subject screw double unders too! You know an exercise is terrible when it whips you for lack of technique.


What do I think? I'd have to go back to the standard, "What's the standard? What are the minimum requirements to successfully perform a burpee?" Because that's what allowed the evolution of the kipping pull-up into the butterfly pull-up, right? Same standard of start and finish, and the means evolved to become more efficient.

If there's a standard in place, and both satisfy the standard, then I'd go with whoever's is faster. F x D / t = P.


Jason Khalipa wrote …

All burpees are terrible!

Subway foot long chicken breast on wheat is the way to go, couldn't find one that day.


wrote …

"All burpees are terrible!"

Agreed :)


replied to comment from Petr Ruzicka

Hi Petr,
I can't speak for why Jason K. lowers himself with more control than the other guys but it may be a bodyweight issue. I'm 220 lbs. and I just can't drop to the ground fast like the smaller guys. It's just too much of a collision. I have to do it with some pushup style to keep some control. It does make it slightly slower and more work than just slamming into the ground (the smaller guys end up not slamming, but I do) but at my size it's necessary to keep from bodyslamming the ground every rep.


replied to comment from Jason Khalipa

As much as I would hate to ever disagree with Cf games champ I must protest. The way to order is as follows:

Walk up to the counter

Me: Hi can I get a Turkey club on whole wheat?
Guy:Ok Would like any extra meat with that?
Me: Would I like extra meat with that? Yes I would love extra meat with that! And extra bacon!
Guy: Do you want the sub toasted?
ME: How else am I suppose to eat a sub!?


wrote …

Freddie Rocks! I love seeing these guys in their 40's (Freddie, Andy Hendel, etc...) hanging with these superstars in their 20's. I'm going to be 40 next year, and I'm not half the beast that Freddie is. Yet. Keep inspiring people Freddie.

Kallista has a bright future in front of her. What a great attitude, and work ethic. Seems like a great young lady.


wrote …

wow i'm surprised boz's press is only 160ish - i thought it would be at least 200 him being an ex-gymnast and the crazy overhead-ness

maybe that makes his overhead feats even more impressive in light of his relatively low press


wrote …

That was a fun workout (as they always are at One World!). Freddy's gym is the coolest!

It's true, my press is not that great...truth be told, my raw upper-body strength is pretty limited, but give me a little bit o' hip drive and it's on!

Have fun,


wrote …

boz - "CrossFit SF Plays With Overhead Strength" is my favorite CF video, esp with you representing for us small/lightweight guys! before i started CF, I always got turned off by the high rep calisthenics (I don't want to do 100 pullups, pushups, situps, and squat!). After watching that vid with the beastie boys blaring, i gave CF a shot and tried out "grace" as my first workout.


wrote …

Excellent work all!


I couldn't help but notice the bare feet.


I notice you were down to socks when Freddy was finishing round 2

If you don't mine me asking you both, why'd you go sans shoes?


wrote …

the shoes that i was wearing were rolling me onto the ball of my foot and i wanted to really feel my heel thats why i took mine off during that workout. Also i gotta be able to throw down with no shoes on because what if boz decides to challenge me to a workout on the beach??? I wanna be able to hang!


replied to comment from Adrian Bozman

Been watching you on the Journal videos. Just wanted to let you know I am still working on all the things you taught me during my visit to SF last summer. Just an old guy still trying to keep it up!


wrote …

That workout looks so awesome! I totally wanna try it, but it'd probably take me about 15 minutes if it took Freddie 11... Boz, you have incredible form on the overhead work, which makes it reaaaally impressive that Kalipa beat you haha. And Freddie, it is my dream to look like that in my 40s...amazing. You guys (and girl) are BEASTS! Hope to see y'all in the Games either this summer or next! (Still a little new to CrossFit but making awesome progress and LOVING IT)


wrote …

love the "pro" vids


Daniel Schmieding wrote …

Pat stop fantasizing about the beach with Boz. You know it was sarah yelling that made you drop the weight.

Hardcore guys, I'll never forget watching that one.


wrote …

You guys are amazing! Watching Freddy do the WODS helps motivate me. Especially because I am over 40 as well. Thanks for all the inspiration!


wrote …

Great effort guys and girl! Tough workout and really inspired me to hit it up today.

As Rx'd 12.15mins
(Well as close to Rx'd as the metric system will allow. Went for 85kgs overhead)

Found the jerks hard going. 85kgs is a touch over my B/W and 85% of my jerk 1RM. Getting it up was ok, lowering it under control so I could bang more out was the issue! I was reduced to singles after the first round. Loved it though and will be aiming for sub 10mins next time.

Oh and not that it matters, but I'm 33 : )


Totally faster. I finished in seven minutes going behind the neck. Lessons learned!


wrote …

I love this video. Tough workout, as it show 5 people of different skill, strength and age levels all getting it done. A good reminder of how key technique is. Jason is many times stronger than Boz, but only had 10 seconds on him. Jason has good form, but Boz has great form, and this video really shows how that comes into play.


replied to comment from Jason Khalipa

no subways?! i suppose you settled for a protein shake filled with wood chips and shrapnel. that's what real men do.

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