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The Overhead Series - Part 3 The Push Jerk by Adrian Bozman - CrossFit Journal
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At the CrossFit Level 1 seminars, three overhead movements are taught together: The press, the push press, and the push jerk. All three take a barbell (or other object) from the shoulders to locked out overhead. The difference is in the use of the hip.

In this Part 3 The Push Jerk, Adrian Bozman explains the basics of performing the push jerk correctly. The difference between the push press and push jerk is the aggressive landing in a partial squat with the arms locked overhead, which allows the hips to do almost all of the work in elevating the barbell. Typically, skilled athletes can use around 70% heavier loads with the push jerk over the strict press.

Companion videos are Part 1 The Press and Part 2 The Push Press.

The video was captured at the CrossFit Level 1 Certification Seminar in Golden, CO on October 24, 2008. Chris Spealler is the demogirl.

7min 26sec

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7 Comments on “The Overhead Series - Part 3 The Push Jerk”


wrote …

That was the most informative video I have ever watched. I have a big problem with generating power from hip extension and that helped a lot.


Kevin Wood wrote …

Loved this series! Very useful and hope to see more!


wrote …

how much is chris PJing?


wrote …

Great series, please keep them coming.


wrote …

I learned a great deal watching this video. In particular, the short hip drive and the feet position were great points. Echo the sentiment: great series!


wrote …

I second on wanting to see more. Perhaps you are planning to go through all 9 of the basic moves which would be great.


wrote …

Great series, you just cant get better demo's. Anywhere. And it Boz obviouslys knows what he's talking about, check out the Freddys revenge video....!!

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