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December 15, 2008

Video Article

Heather Keenan, 32, is a trainer at CrossFit New England, the strength and conditioning coach at Nobles School, a mom to two kids (Maya 8 and Jonah 4), and an aspiring 2009 CrossFit Games competitor.

In this three part video series, the Again Faster crew profile Heather, who came in 2nd place in Albany CrossFit’s East Coast Challenge last year, right behind Tanya Wagner. She recently passed her CrossFit Level 2 certification on December 7, 2008.

In Part 1, Heather talks about her preparation for the Games, competing against Tanya Wagner at the East Coast Challenge, and what motivates her as an athlete.

The Road to the 09 Games — Part 1: 5min 7sec

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16 Comments on “The Road to the 09 Games — Part 1”


wrote …

Just another great inside story of a CrossFit athlete, who is also a positive role model and mom. Heather keep training and pushing your self and you will defiantly be a force to be reckoning with at the 09 CrossFit games.


wrote …

WOWWWWW Stuff like this is why I'll always come back to crossfit no matter what other forms of training that I may try. The mindset you have to have to do this and it like takes over you life and your choices that you's a movement for real!


wrote …



wrote …

Heather, very inspiring, and also a little deja vu for me. Trained for about a month before the Games this last summer. Not a good performance. Since, there has been such a bitter taste in my mouth that drives me the same way to came across in the video. Best of luck training, and I will see you at the Games!


wrote …

Monthly challenges,where?! Sounds like fun.


wrote …

She has two kids....with those abs? Holy smokes. Very inspiring!


wrote …

I am fortunate to work out with Heather regularly and her enthusiasm for CrossFit and overall health is truly inspiring and infectious. Heather is always challenging fellow CrossFitters to improve form and diet to achieve their best personal results.

I think her biggest claim to fame in the Metrowest Boston area next to all her athletic accomplishments are her nutrition bars called "Heather bars". Amazing!

I look forward to subsequent parts to the interview on CrossFit Journal.


wrote …

Heather is an incredible athlete. Her strength, determination, knowledge, beauty, modesty, and athleticism embody all that is right with CrossFit. Her passion for CrossFit is only outmatched by her love for her friends and family (she is an incredible mom).

Heather is one of those people you meet and you instantly feel like they are your best friend. Her personality is electric, and everyone she touches feeds off her energy and enthusiasm for life. There is no half-speed with Heather, she pours every ounce of herself into everything she does, and we at CrossFit New England know how lucky we are to have her.


wrote …

Wow she is definitely a bad ass betty. Major props to her and I love the attitude. Great video for motivation. Keep them coming.


wrote …

Looking forward to part 2


wrote …


Keep training and keep your confidence up. There is no reason you can't win next year's games! You are a badass!!



wrote …


win or lose at the games? no matter, you are already a winner. You are always trying to better yourself, that is a winner in my book. CrossFit women are all amazing! Heather you are a great example, mind, body and spirit.

Johnny B.


Jeremy Stecker wrote …

I love the words at the end. "Is Tanya resting?... No. Pick up the ****ing bar!"


replied to comment from Jeremy Stecker

Agreed. Excellent video on the the whole, but this really drove it home.


wrote …

Heather is amazing. She is my hero and my inspiration. She truly cares about people and wants to help all of us achieve our goals. I am so lucky to have her in my life! Ronda-where-are-the-Heather-bars?-Rockett


wrote …

Heather epitomizes "Small things done consistently and correctly creates Great Results". Watching Heather workout or compete is truly inspiring! Heather is legite, the Real Deal. One thing she has taught me is "Everything Matters". Great Video!

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