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Training with Jimmy Baker - Vilma Siebers 2 by Jim Baker - CrossFit Journal

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December 19, 2008

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This is the second part of a complete training session that Vilma Siebers, 81, had with Jim Baker at CrossFit Santa Cruz Central, where he is a trainer and co-owner.

Vilma is originally from Berlin. She was a teenager during World War II, and came to California in 1952. She maintains a very active life, training with Jimmy one day a week, going on long hikes with the Sierra Club, line dancing, photographing.

In this video, there is another short interview with Vilma before Jimmy puts her through some agility drills, both outside with cones and inside with obstacles.

7min 44sec

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7 Comments on “Training with Jimmy Baker - Vilma Siebers 2”


wrote …

I really enjoy watching you coach, Jim. Your videos are helping shape the way I guide my father (who is in his 60s) through various workouts.


wrote …

Ditto to Robets comments.
I will be traing a groups with Multiple Sclerosis next year and almost all of the training Jimmy is doing with Wilma is transfereable to these people. It's also the interesting way he uses common every day objects to achieve results.


wrote …

Jimmy Baker you are an inspiration for many.


wrote …

This is so good for older people! Well done Jim and Vilma


wrote …

Jim, you are a gem of a coach. Thanks for the videos. Great work Vilma!


wrote …

Thanks for the great ideas. Not just for older people but i have a few younger people with health issues that feel like they are not able to do any physical activity. Very inspiring to see someone at this age working that hard.


wrote …

Sehr gut, Vilma!!!

I hope I have somebody like Jimmy around when I'm Vilma's age.

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