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This is the sixth and concluding part of the Programming lecture from the CrossFit Level 1 certification seminar at CrossFit One World in Union City, CA on May 11, 2008.

Dave Castro covers a few scaling options before addressing the three-on, one-off cycle of training, which maximizes power output for conditioned athletes, and when and why alternatives should be considered. He also talks about missing workouts without worrying about making them up.

Note that audio only versions are also available for this series.

8min 40sec

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10 Comments on “CrossFit Programming Part 6”


wrote …

Nice! I have watched all of the program clips thus far, great stuff guys!


Hermann Blancaflor wrote …

I don't think it's that important, but that was May 11th, not the 18th. It was my level 1 cert, and I got my first muscle-up that same exact day.

Dave is the MAN.


wrote …

This lecture really put it all together for me. Dave did a really good job of explaining parts of Crossfit where I lacked understanding. I really feel like I have the big picture now. I can't wait to attend a lecture in person.


wrote …

Thanks! You're right, it was the 11th. It's always good to have the little details correct.


wrote …

I've been CFing for over 3 years now, working off the WOD. I just finally got the journal and I'm kicking myself for how much I may have missed for not getting hooked up with it earlier. Outstanding Q&A. Keep up the good work.


wrote …

I was really impressed with all of the videos. This lecture helps explain the "How to do it" that people need to be competent Crossfit trainers. Of course, it was pretty nice for us home gym folks as well. =D


wrote …

Dave Castros explanation of all the aspects that form crossfit are in my opinion excellent,this infomation has improved my understanding of what improves my bodies fitness,performance and wellbeing.

The videos on crossfit are part of what makes the "crossfit experience" more than just a workout....and in part makes it a community,the freely shared knowledge at this level of expertise, in one place is unique.I daily applaud the inspires me.


wrote …

Thanks Dave,

You just saved me $1000.

Just kidding. Can't wait to go in person!


wrote …

Every time I watch a video i learn something new. Crossfit is the best training i ahve ever seen.


wrote …

This is my second time watching all of the programming videos by Dave Castro. I'm attending a level 1 cert this weekend and needed to refresh it. Dave Castro explains the programming very well.

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