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January 28, 2009

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In this excerpt from the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification seminar at CrossFit Marina on January 18th, 2009, Coach Burgener explains a series of skill transfer exercises for the jerk.

The jerk is an explosive movement in which the barbell is jumped from the shoulders to overhead. The standard jerk in Olympic Weightlifting competitions is the split jerk. The split jerk is extremely complex. To develop the jerk properly, these skill transfer exercises can be practiced.

The push press is practiced behind the neck first to emphasize the vertical dip drive and vertical path of the bar. Then, the push jerk behind the neck allows for the simplest jump and land. Both of these are then practiced from in front. The bar must still travel straight up, but now the head has to be navigated. Proficiency in these skill transfer drills is a great support for managing maximal loads in the split jerk.

These lifts are also described in an earlier article by Coach B.

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Tracy Coughlin wrote …

I wish I had started when I was 2!!


wrote …

Both women have great form -- nice job to all involved in the video


wrote …

Yeah true those two remarks.

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