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January 01, 2009

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Melissa Byers is a CrossFitter. She found the site, got involved, got hooked. Here, she shares five of her most significant discoveries buried throughout the immense archives, and why they mean so much to her.

Jason Dougherty’s The Hard Routine, Intensity by Maggie Dabe-Colby, Where’s the Girl Power on the Message Board, EC and Sam’s Man Grace by CrossFit Again Faster, and this photo of Eva T front squatting are all indelibly marked on Melissa’s CrossFit past.

This is the first of a series (The Best of in which dedicated and/or long term CrossFitters highlight their favorite or most influential archives from the vault. Please feel welcome to post your favorites in comments, or if you have a compelling list, submit them as independent articles.

Read more of Melissa’s writing on her blog, Byers Gets Diesel.

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11 Comments on “The Best of—Byers Edition”


wrote …

Can't download the PDF!


wrote …

I can't download the PDF either.


wrote …



wrote …

Works for me. Anyone else?


Ryan Powell wrote …



wrote …

I've got it now. Thanks Tony.


wrote …

It worked for me.

Great article, Melissa. So true about the front squat picture. Aesthetic-minded thinking gives way to performance-minded thinking, and it all just works out in the end. This concept relates to my "vision" for Air Force PT, which is that Airmen must stop training to pass the PT test and just focus on high intensity workouts...the rest will fall into place and the test will be easy.


wrote …

So glad to hear there will finally be a CF NH. The bit about Eva's picture was awesome.


Adam Kayce wrote …

Great to see this, Melissa; how cool to see someone I've been following on Twitter get an article up here!

Looking forward to the rest.


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

I love seeing the mind shift that you described in this article. I'm currently working with a couple clients that I am struggling to get there.
One is worried that even though she is consistantly improving her work capacity, she's gained and 2% bodyfat (up to 20% from 18%). She has improved over the past 3 months on every one of the 10 general fitness skills but she seems eager to trade it all for harder abs. She works hard 5 days per week but is complaining that CF programming doesn't have enough 'cardio' (LSD).

By the way. Be sure to visit Melissa Byers' Blog. It is Great! (there is a link in the article)


Samy Daghir wrote …

Melissa is a bada$$ and has been amazingly helpful in our endeavor to open a NH affiliate. I think the article was extremely well written and does a great job at scatching the surface of a great "CrossFit character". She has the personality that I find in everyone I meet from our awesome community. I remember meeting her and some other CrossFitters from NH during a Fight Gone Bad workout last summer in Greeley Park, it was the first time I met any other people that trained the way we do. I had a great time and the experience was the catalyst for a lot of different explorations into CrossFit. Thanks to Melissa for putting out a great article and being so friendly and helpful, can't wait to see her tuning up her kettlebell trainees around here.

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