The Boz & Todd Experience — Episode 2, Part 2

By Adrian Bozman & Todd Widman

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January 01, 2009

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This is Part 2 of the second episode of the Boz and Todd Experience. Boz and Todd, with special guest Chris Spealler, conducted four training sessions at Front Range CrossFit. Except for scheduling the athletes, these sessions were unplanned. They met with the athletes for the first time that night, interviewed them about their strengths and weaknesses, and took them through a training session and workout. Real world training with several of Front Range CrossFit’s regular clients.

In this video, Adrian Bozman warms up the group for a workout of heavy (max) push jerk (split jerk not permitted). After a sophisticated “West Coast Warmup,” he takes them through a CrossFit seminar progression designed to teach the basics of the movement with no load. At the end, he covers some basic barbell and rack safety tips. The workout itself will be in a separate video.

Adrian Bozman, Todd Widman and Chris Spealler are three of CrossFit’s top trainers. They spend a significant portion of their time traveling around the country working the CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 certification seminars.

8min 52sec

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8 Comments on “The Boz & Todd Experience — Episode 2, Part 2”


wrote …

Did he call those "Short-room jerks"? Hahaha...I'll bet I'm not the only one that does those. Ooops ~


wrote …

I missed the monthy monty python inrto music :(
great movie!


wrote …

it's crazy.....I JUST learned how to jerk watching this clip. I been wanting to find someone to teach me and I learned right here in front of my computer


wrote …

Great teaching progression! Very useful method for teaching the Jerk - a move that seems hard for a lot of people to get the hang of. I'm going to switch to this step by step method of instruction and drop the "down, up, down, up" terminology. Thanks for the video!


wrote …

I absolutely would have been one of the guys falling for the West Coast Warm-up...

Always a treat learning from the Experience!


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

Sometimes I forget how effective humor can be as a teaching/learning tool.
These guys are great! I love watching the pros at wotk.


wrote …

Front Range CrossFit is totally sweet.

Austin B from CrossFit Unlimited is to credit for the 'West-Coast' Warmup.



wrote …

I really hope I'm lucky enough to get Boz and Todd for my instructors when I go to my cert.

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