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January 25, 2009

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On Day 1 of the CrossFit Level 2 certification seminars, participants instruct each other in the 9 fundamental movements (squat, front squat, overhead squat, press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumodeadlift highpull, and clean) that are the core of the Level 1 seminar. Day 2 is a test of participants’ ability to instruct.

In this video, Andy Stumpf is asked to teach the group how to air squat. This is a simulated test, and Andy is evaluated on exactly the same criteria the participants will see. Does he have the mechanics correct? Can he see if the participants are moving well, and if not, can he correct them efficiently? Does he command the group well?

Part 1 is the test. Part 2 is the evaluation.

This footage was captured at CrossFit One World.

11min 29sec

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7 Comments on “The Level 2 Cert: A Simulated Test 1”


wrote …

That was pretty good -- certainly a big difference between knowing the feel of a good squat and being able to verbalize the movement to others. Andy seems like he'd be great to have as a trainer, although I'd probably get a little pissed at him for forgetting the rep counts ;-)

By the way, everytime there's a video at OneWorld I notice two things: the proliferance of shoes being worn and the sign stating "No Shoes." What's up with that, Freddy?


wrote …

The video is very helpful. Being that I'd like to make it to a Level II cert someday, the video helps to ease some wonder about what Level II certs are like. It's good to see a simulated session with one of the coaches to get an idea of what is expected of a level II trainee before a trainee is put in front of a group to teach a movement.


David Whitty wrote …

What is great about this video is that it shows you how the test actually looks. You have to train them. You have to encourage them while being relentless. You have to make it fun but still always teaching and improving them. Everyone has to feel they're getting so much attention to the point they're glad there other people there so they don't get more attention! Great work Andy. Then to feedback, which is where we really learn to improve.


wrote …

Is it just me, or does anybody elses video mess up when you try to watch it? I could hear it but it wont play.


wrote …

I love how they break down the movement into simple cues for quick improvements such as wiggling your toes, initiating the hips, hands higher, etc. great video. So did he pass the test?


wrote …

Andy's a CrossFit Level III Trainer. He was just used as an example for what was expected out of the group the next day.


wrote …

Is Level III like an invite only thing or what?

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