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January 18, 2009

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Gillian Mounsey finished 3rd overall in the 2008 CrossFit Games. She had been training CrossFit specifically for only 12 weeks. But, as we find out in this profile from Again Faster, she has been training hard for about 16 years.

In this first of three parts, Gillian talks about her background, of fighting to do the boys’ workouts in junior high school, to beating the boys’ records in high school. She says that while there are physiological differences between males and females, one unnecessary difference is that females are not expected to perform like males, and for the most part, don’t train like males. If they did, would we see such disparity?

She is currently a trainer at CrossFit South Brooklyn, and one of the favorites going into the 2009 CrossFit Games.

4min 16sec

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22 Comments on “The Road to the 09 Games — Gillian 1”


wrote …

Just over a minute into the vid I get the message, "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because it is corrupted."
Anybody else having trouble?


wrote …

Same error here.


wrote …

Me too


wrote …

the quicktime version worked fine for me


wrote …

Gillian the only way the word freak applies to you is in the phrase "FREAKin' Badass" or "FREAKin' Awesome". You're an inspiration to me and I'm sure to many others! It was great getting to meet you at the Gymnastics Cert in Ann Arbor even if it was simply for brief instruction. I'll be cheering you on at the Games whether it be there or from way back home!


wrote …

I'm getting the error with WMV as well.



wrote …

I personally know of 6 women who are now doing pullups because of YOU! FREAKIN awesome!


wrote …

Not sure what happened with the wmv. I re-uploaded it and it seems to be working now. If it doesn't play correctly in the browser, try downloading it to your hard drive and then playing it.


wrote …

Strong and beautiful woman(with emphasis on beautiful). I hope you do well at the games, Gillian.


wrote …

awesome attitude


freddy camacho wrote …

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the video.


wrote …

Great video. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it. You're a super athlete, Gillian, nice job on the Back Lever!


wrote …

In my humble opinion, one of the top 5 things that has come about as a result of CrossFit is the establishment of a community that allows someone like Gillian to not feel out of place. Hopefully, the Cross fitters of tomorrow (both boys and girls) can look to women like Gillian as a role models of what a PERSON (not woman) can do and that there's no reason to limit your desires and abilities to fit into the established norm.


wrote …

Thanks for your example Gillian!


wrote …

History will see you and the women who follow you as the vanguard of an ascendent femininity that demands and receives the respect of accomplishment without regard to gender.


johnson gina wrote …

Thanks Gillian for sharing that. Brought back great memories for me. I can't tell you how hugely inspirational you are for someone like me. I too was looked upon as a freak,(not anywhere close to your level)but there's nothing like the support you feel with this community. I love your attitude, just love it. I started out w/ gymnastics and bodybuilding with that same obsessive attiude, built my own balance beam, even cut classes in H.S. and snuck into the gym to work out(that was just nuts though, looking back :). I always look for your times on the comment page and am floored. You prove there are no limits EVER!!


wrote …

Wonderful article, Gillian. I have huge admiration for anyone who is not going to care what others think but does what is right anyway. And now while all those HS people are lazy couch potatoes you are still fitter than them and getting the health benefits that go along with it! This is a good motivational article for anyone who has not downloaded it yet and will have you heading down to the gym to train as hard as we should be! It is also an excellent reminder for all the female Crossfitters that you can achieve amazing results with your fitness, train as hard and heavy as you can and go for it!
Thanks, Gillian


wrote …

There is something very sexy about a strong woman who's unapologetic about kicking ass.


Justin Riley wrote …

gillian, i am totally head over heels impressed with you. people are intimidated by you but i absolutely appreciate your freakyness. thankyou for the inspiration. awesome stuff gillian, really. im posting under my businuess partner's name but this is travis from crossfit east sacramento. have a good one. -trav


wrote …

Not a freak, just the type of athlete any coach would want.


wrote …

What an incredible story, Gillian. I would like to think coaches throughout America are more enlightened now than the onces you endured in your high school years. Your message is clear: Strength of both mind and body is important to everyone.


wrote …

It's difficult to be extraordinary and "fit in" at the same time. So your boy friend got scuffed up a little. You are a great example of tenacity to all of us. Thanks.

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