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January 02, 2009

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Jason “Rhabdo” Kaplan gained recognition in the CrossFit community for his incredible Fran performances. First, there was the 2:08 Fran posted on the Affiliate Blog. Then there was the controversial 1:53 on the Main Site. Jason is also an aspiring 2009 CrossFit Games competitor.

In this first of two videos, the Again Faster crew uncover what went into those performances. Gregg Arsenuk from CrossFit Montclair in New Jersey, Rhabdo’s trainer, gives his perspective.

Part 1 is mostly about Jason’s background, and achieving the 1:53 Fran. In Part 2, Jason goes for a repeat performance at his CrossFit Level 1 seminar, only this time with absolutely perfect range of motion in an attempt to silence his critics.

The Road to the 09 Games — Rhabdo Part 1: 4min 41sec



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wrote …

The interviews are straight forward with no bull...I'm looking forward to part II. I know everyone gave him problems with his 1:53 performance, but come one, even if he did short a few reps, his effort was intense. There are only a few who can give him a run for his money on Fran.

By the way, how did he get the nickname Rhabdo? When Neil did the CFR interview, he forgot to ask.

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