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Training with Jimmy Baker - Vilma Siebers 3 by Jim Baker - CrossFit Journal

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January 06, 2009

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This is the third and final part of a complete training session that Vilma Siebers, 81, had with Jim Baker at CrossFit Santa Cruz Central, where he is a trainer and co-owner.

Vilma is originally from Berlin. She was a teenager during World War II, and came to California in 1952. She maintains a very active life, training with Jimmy one day a week, going on long hikes with the Sierra Club, line dancing, photographing.

In this part 3, there is another short interview with Vilma before they go through some strength drills. Vilma has a full depth squat, and she does barbell presses, push presses and thrusters.

The video ends with Vilma reflecting on her active life and what has made her so successful. Try to have hobbies, she says, and do things that you really enjoy. And, in the end, you have to rely on yourself.

7min 45sec

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8 Comments on “Training with Jimmy Baker - Vilma Siebers 3”


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

I've really enjoyed this series. I train, about 75% of my clients are 60 and over or are younger but dealling with things like MS, Arthritis, Bulging discs in back etc..
It is shocking to me how many of my clients come to me in thier 50's and 60's who have never worked out and are now paying the price. Seeing things like Vilmas grip strength and flexibility in the squat is a real testament to staying active and introducing yourself to new stimulus.
Thanks Jim and crew for providing these! I hope to see more in the future!


wrote …

Good comments Cody. The segment of the population on which this series focuses is going to be very important to the fitness market in the future. My workplace is getting very gray with a large number of aging baby boomers, many who are just starting to retire. I think the boomer generation, especially the middle and late bloomers, are going to get into functional fitness in a big way. If I was an affiliate owner (which I am not) I would give a lot of consideration to satisfying the needs of this group.

Good stuff Vilma!


Gerard Mcauliffe wrote …

Beautiful work Vilma, well done. I've shown the videos of this series to my mum and some other people in their sixties, they were all very impressed and inspired at what can be done through hard work, dedication and by doing funtional movements rather than wasting time on a cross trainier.
Keep up the good work!


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

This question is for Mr.Baker-

I noticed in this series that there seems to be less emphasis on quantifiable 'wods', i.e. not as many timed workouts.
Is this typical of your training with 'seniors' (almost elderly) or is it a case by case basis?

I run a senior class as well as one-on-one. I usually spend a good 20 minutes in a gradual warm up that is functionally based. Then a very short WOD taking 4-12 minutes. Then rest to nearly full recovery and finish with some more functional movements (like stacking random objects on the floor then picking them back up and stacking them on to a bench) followed by active and passive stretching.
Thanks for being such a great coach!


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

So last night I reviewed all previous video in this series and realized the above question posted by yours' truely was stupid. sorry 'bout that


wrote …

Vilma, you are amazing!! I loved watching your video. You're five years older than I and ten times more fit. I am truly inspired.


wrote …

wow wow WOW...Go Vilma!
You inspire me just as much as the crossfit games competitors do.
Keep up the great work! I will share your story with my parents and family and friends.
Great job coaching Jimmy :)



wrote …

Good stuff.

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