Choke Defense Part 2

By Tony Blauer

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February 06, 2009

Video Article

In this video, Tony Blauer further explains a drill to defend against a two-handed choke. The video was filmed at CrossFit Virginia Beach.

Street fights are almost always emotionally driven. Blauer refers to them as “Rage Attacks.” During this type of emotional, explosive surprise attack, the body’s natural response is a startle-flinch. Blauer contends that any stances, strategies, tactics or drills designed to protect yourself should be consistent with this.

In the case of the sudden two-handed chokehold, your hands will automatically come up and index the attacker’s hands. Once the initial startle-flinch is over, Blauer suggests you drop a free hand and launch a vertical elbow strike from inside the attacker’s arms. Whether or not this first elbow connects, the attacker’s death grip will mostly likely be broken, as your arm and shoulder will dislodge the grip. Now you’re in a great position to drop another elbow, strike, rake or pursue any other attack from the inside.

The two most important elements in street self-defense are acknowledging the body’s inevitable flinch response and using primal gross motor tactics to gain position. There is virtually no likelihood of successfully implementing complex motor skills in the first few seconds of an ambush-type attack.

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4 Comments on “Choke Defense Part 2”


wrote …

How did Tony and his system become so prevalent in the CrossFit community? I usually love his techniques but not his choke defenses.


wrote …

As a practioner of krav maga, i can see similarities between that and Tony's system. I agree with most of what he say's ,this defense is very much like one taught in krav maga but that is even more instictive, hands come to the threat,the good thing about this one is it works well in multiple situations.A few simple solutions to several threats makes the system easy and effective. But every thing that follows has to be performed with a lot of aggresion that is where many people wil fall flat on thier faces.
I could not agree more with Tony when he says everything else should be accidental and incidental, you cannot go into a fight thinking about the techniques you want to use, simple techniques+aggresion that's what works.


wrote …

As a life time martial artist and law enforcement trainer I'm loving the simplicity of his spear system. I've been challenged training officers that will not train on a regular basis any particular system of combat. I've incorporated some of Tony's combat concepts into my police academy's subject control class just because it's so simple and effective for someone who's not going to train on a regular basis. Thanks Tony.


Hey James,

Just remember that your first response to the choke from the front is Oh Sh.t and the natural physical response is, hands come up grab the threat and shoulders raise while chin comes down. This is all part of the SPEAR System. The system isn't just physical tools it's the emotional and mental response to a threat and how we can convert form oh sh.t to something tactical. The tool that Tony is using is actually a simple bio-mechanical movement that is similar to trying to scratch your back. He uses it after the flinch and after his mind has just realized that he is in a fight and that he better do "something" or else....
Sorry to go on but the system works:-) try to get to his combatives camp this year in VA beach it will shed more light on a lot of your questions.

As for the Crossfit / Blauer alliance... I believe it mostly is due to the integrity of both the systems and the people involved in both communities. Crossfiters and the Blauer Tactical Team are both dedicated to finding the truth and education. Both have a similar concept... whether it's fighting for your life to get home to your family or staying healthy and fit to watch your children grow. There are a ton of other reasons I'm sure but I think it's mostly due to the integrity of both parties.

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