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February 23, 2009

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Angela Hart is a Concept2 Master Coach and a CrossFit certified trainer. She talks about excellence in execution on the rower, much like Coach Glassman talks about virtuosity. Unlike common “cardio” machines in which there is a manufactured line of action, there is a huge opportunity for variation on the indoor rower, for both good or bad mechanics.

The monitor doesn’t lie. It tells you exactly what your real output is. The only way to generate impressive numbers is to pull really hard while maintaining efficient and effective mechanics. The harder you pull, the greater the need for excellence in execution.

This footage, produced by the CrossFit Again Faster crew, is from the CrossFit C2 Rowing certification in which both indoor and on-water rowing are covered. Angela speaks about the tendency of CrossFitters to develop on-water proficiency much more quickly than the average population.

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Russell Benedetto wrote …

Here we have yet another great example of true inspiration, knowledge, and dedication that makes me love CF more and more each day; thank you....... When is there going to be another weekend with this amazing woman...sign me up


wrote …

Amen, sister, amen! Angela was right on the mark when she said the C2 is a polygraph. I'm too new to Crossfit to have had a moment of truth with one of "the girls", but I've been rowing for 4 years and there's nothing like a 2K test or actual erg race to make me shake in my boots. I can cheerfully show up at the starting line to run 10K or 10 miles, and racing on the water with a boat full of other women is great. But rowing 2K on the C2 tells me exactly how good I am - or not - every single stroke for some 240 strokes in a row. That kind of accountability is no fun, but it's also the only way to become the kind of athlete I want to be. I know for sure that when I get strong enough to do the WODs as rx'd, I'll be pulling a PR on the erg, too. Now that will be WAY fun!


wrote …

5mins 55 sec hehehe best bird landing ever ;O)

Great video - rowing feels like fran as a monostrutural event..... 8-[


wrote …

Angela Hart is a truly inspirational instructor.Crossfit instruction is a long ways from being universally available,but her videos have been easy to follow and I still refer to them.Thanks for your efforts and hope to see you at Akron Crossfit someday. An old guy


wrote …

Great video, I personally am trying to educate Crossfitter in the Colorado area, doesn't matter where. I will go. Great job Angela, and the Crossfit seminar team.

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