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February 17, 2009

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This is the 34th episode of CrossFit Radio, which aired at 6pm PST on February 16th, 2009.

0:00 Intro
3:50 Gayle Jordan, another CrossFit newbie
45:30 A discussion of a new review of the WiiFit

Gayle talked about her background and her weight loss journey (she has lost 59 pounds already), her experiences at Compound CrossFit in Chesapeake, VA, and her long term goals. Gayle will check in monthly with the show to track her progress.

52min 27sec

The next show will be Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 at 6pm PST.

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7 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 34 090216”


wrote …

Wii Fit may not be CrossFit, but neither is it trying to be (and a CrossFit video game probably wouldn't sell well). Anything that gets people who would otherwise be on the couch to move and use their muscles is a good thing, even if they're not going to maximize their fitness levels. It's step 1 of 100, thereabouts.

Incidentally, there's a lot of focus in Wii Fit on balance and core stability, and it's a lot of fun, especially at parties.


Chris Walls wrote …

I don't have a problem with Wii Fit. I have a problem with people who think Wii Fit is enough, or suggest that I get a bunch of TVs with Wii Fits for my affiliate (it's happened...) because they have no idea what fitness is about. Sure the Wii Fit is fun, and it gets people to stand and move around in order to play video games, but the whole idea that this is exercise bugs me.


ZT Burkett wrote …

Wii Fit is good for drinking games at parties...that's it. Or at least that's what my cousin at Texas Tech tells me. In my opinion, video games are the baine of our existence. Heaven forbid kids go outside and run, jump, play and get dirty. Why can't we go back to the good ole' days? I have a son, our first, who is 4 months old. My sole reason for being such a proponent of CrossFit is that he may grow up to be a contributing member of society and not some blob looking for a handout. I thank God daily for the change CrossFit has brought to me and my family. To hell with video game "fitness."


wrote …

John, I respect your opinion. I just disagree with it. I mainly disagree that they use the word "fit" in their title. Just because Wii Fit may get people off their backsides and up moving around, doesn't make it a fitness modality - not by any definition of the word "fitness" - especially ours (CF's). Which, by the way, is the only definition worth considering IMHO.

You said you thought "a CrossFit video game wouldn't sell well." Neither would Wii Fit if they told people truth about what it really was. If they advertised their product truthfully (simply quoting the way you described it above) it would sound something like this:

"Wii Fit, It's slightly better than nothing and cannot maximize your fitness level, but's step 1 of 100, thereabouts."

Trust me brother, that wouldn't sell either.

Wii Fit was released in April of 2008. If it were worth a sh*t or even lived up to it's billing, by now you would have seen countless success stories and raving testimonials as to its effectiveness. People all over the world would be telling their stories about how playing their Wii Fit increased their functionality, helped them lose weight, decreased cholesterol, got them off their pills, etc. With Nintendo's marketing power they would have turned these testimonials into a huge thing that would be dominating the press and probably even late night infomercials. I think you have to ask yourself - why hasn't this happened? The answer seems pretty obvious.

My argument isn't that the Nintendo Wii Fit doesn't get people up and moving around. My argument is that they are labeling a substitute for a simple walk to the fridge as "fitness." Which it is not. To get me off their backs, they will have to change the title to "Wii Mediocre Activity" or say something in their advertising like:

"Wii, its better than absolutely nothing."


wrote …

How about a WII Fit connected to PVC that would help you improve your form with the Olymbic Lifts. Now that would be cool!


wrote …

Loved Gayle's story. This is something that will be interesting to track. She will be a great success story.


Ned Ferguson wrote …

Gayle is delightful. Tons of personality. That was a blast.

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