The End of the First Pull

By Mike Burgener

In Olympic Lifts, Videos

February 12, 2009

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Coach Mike Burgener is one of the top Olympic Weightlifting coaches in America. In this clip from his CrossFit Oly cert on May 24, 2008, he covers the end of the first pull.

There are three pulls in weightlifting. The first pull is the positioning pull. The second pull is the explosive jump to full extension. The third pull is the aggressive pull-under against the bar into the receiving position.

The end of the first pull is higher than many athletes realize. Patience is required to stay over the bar all the way up. Jumping too early inevitably leaves the athlete forward. This is true for both the snatch and the clean.

At the end of the first pull, the hips should be back, legs almost straight, lats engaged.

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5 Comments on “The End of the First Pull”


wrote …

I can never get enough of Coach B and his wealth of knowledge. Thank you CrossFit and keep these videos coming.


wrote …

born again hard!


wrote …

Great video, very helpful as a newbie with limited access to coaching (basically only when I'm out of town). So happy I finally subscribed to the journal this week.


wrote …

So timely! I was going for a pr Tuesday night but kept missing it. I started looping the bar as the weight got heavier and just couldn’t recover fast enough to get under the bar. I was doing exactly what coach was correcting in the video. Not patient enough, not staying over the bar, trying to pop just as the bar passed my knees. Now I know - patience, patience, patience & stay over the f-ing bar! Great video can't wait to get home and try this correction.


wrote …

This was an awesome video to see this week. I just so happened to run into a client this week who didn't know how to let the bar slide down the legs, and Coach Burg qued the release of the knee and "stick the booty out" perfectly. These video's are always a huge help!

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