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February 28, 2009

PDF Article

As promised, here are the individual PDF articles published in February 2009, collected together in a single download.

The video and audio articles are not contained in the PDF.

The articles included here are:

Page 1 - Miserandino - Getting an A in CrossFit
Page 5 - Martin & White - CrossFit Strength Bias
Page 16 - Lascek - Bow to Fran
Page 22 - Greene - Best of CrossFit 3
Page 27 - Berger - Straight-Talk Strength Express
Page 37 - Amundson - Training 2 Miles to Run 100
Page 43 - Starr - Don’t Muddle the Middle
Page 49 - Cooper - Best of CrossFit 4



3 Comments on “February 2009 Collected Articles”


wrote …

Thanks for doing this. I love reading the Journal on the go - and this makes it easier.


wrote …

I think this is the best CFJ in a long time. Outstanding content, real issues addressed, superb writing, motivating topics. A super CFJ, on a level not seen in a long time.

The article by Jeff Martin and Darell E. White summarizes a discussion that has been going on for years, and never really be addressed comprehensively.

The article about CrossFit being a course in a school is something I have been waiting for since 2005 ("I predict that the adoption of CrossFit in schools, college and university sport teams, police and fire departments, military units, etc., will be the driving factor for spreading CrossFit to a larger audience." - from a CFJ article draft in 2005 that was never published).

The article on Fran was overdue.

The Rippetoe seminar article is an excellent summary of the basic strenght exercises in one article, and the article by Bill Starr (THE Bill Starr) is an eye opener, too.

The article by Greg Amundson is a mind blower. I bow to his tenacity as well as to his prudence.

And the Barry Cooper and Russell Green "Best of CrossFit" articles are so motivating.

Thanks to everybody, and keep on going like this!




wrote …

My husband had a "CrossFit PE Class" two years ago when he taught at Joshua Springs Christian School in Yucca Valley. It started as an off-season weight training class for junior high football players and turned into a full-fledged CrossFit class. He even graded the students on how well they could do the benchmark workouts like Fran, Helen and Kelly.

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