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February 08, 2009

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Jeff Tucker from GSX Athletics presents his muscle-up training progression. Jeff is the coach for the CrossFit Gymnastics certification seminar.

The first step is to have competency in a stable environment, such as with a bar dip. Then you should be able to hold a stable support on the rings. Next is the ring dip. Only when this can be performed comfortably should the rest of the muscle-up progression begin.

The false grip is essential, and the elbows must be kept in tight. Then, the transition can be practiced on the toes. This develops the strength and muscular patterning required for a stable and consistent muscle-up. Within a few months of simple drills like this, raising the rings a few inches at a time, the full muscle-up will come.

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22 Comments on “Muscle Up Training Progression”


wrote …

great Vid! found it very useful, cant wait to go give those progressions a crack!


wrote …

I had a muscule up last fall. The day after I learned it I did 22. I got lazy with my training and I lost it. I'm working to get it back and this is going to help a lot. Thanks for putting this together.


wrote …

Coach Tucker teaches this progression at the Gymnastics Cert. 3 weeks after attending the Gymnastics Cert in October, I got my first MU using this progression. All I did was mix it into the standard CF warm-up and worked on it a bit on rest days.

When the 30xMU for time came up on the site last week, I finished it.

If you don't have a muscle-up, follow this progression!


wrote …

Great video! I saw a Texas flag in the background - are you in Texas?
Staring the muscle up progression now.


wrote …

Thank you so much for this! Getting started today!


wrote …

Awesome! I have been wondering about the progression ever since Tucker mentioned it in his Crossfit Radio interview (which was very good by the way).

It's about time I finally get a MU.


Excellent video. I mailed Coach Tucker last week about this very topic after hearing his interview on CFR; guess I wasn't the only one clamoring for this.

Thanks Coach.


wrote …

i'll ditto that last comment.

looking forward to the cert Feb 21st


wrote …

Great video. I'll apply what I learned here this week.

Thanks Coach.


wrote …

As I was grasping MU's. It was my understanding there needed to be a good swing like kip at the bottom in order to get some momentum to transition from under the rings into dip position. This progression didnt seem like that at all. I cant wait to give it a go with just a vertical movement and min to no swing.


wrote …

Got my first two muscle ups today!!!!! Been working at them for 5 months. It was a great feeling of accomplishment.
Thanks for the video guys,
Mike B


replied to comment from Michael Carr

The kip helps if you are still weak in the transition. Eventually you should be able to do it smoothly with a tight body and no swing/kip. Check this incredible video of a slow wide grip muscle-up:


Gerard Mcauliffe wrote …

Beautiful muscle ups and smile :) What tape or grip do people use on their rings help to prevent tearing the wrists when doing multiple reps? On the 30 muscle ups for time i always tear my wrists open which doesnt help in my job as a sports therapist.


Jennifer Conlin wrote …

As I told you when I was in TX this passed weekend I've been using this at Potomac Crossfit for a few months and It's so good to have a progression to the MU that works!
Please make more Gym Skills videos! Hollow rocks, Pull-ups, Roll outs, Handstands, and more. I've found that understanding the hollow rock is very important as it is part of so many movements, ie pull-ups, handstands and even push-ups!

Lukas, I have to say that learning to do a MU with out the kip is really the best foundation for the movement. It teaches body controll. The kip gets out of hand and people don't learn what the true movement is. Get the kip later.
Potomac Crossfit


wrote …

I am impressed by this method! Can anybody give some information on the optimal frequency (every day, every other day or so) and how many reps one should do per workout.
Wim (The Netherlands)


wrote …

Lukas - my point exactly! Get the strength for the movement so you dont need the kip... Make it a strength move, not a dymnamic kip to complete... It will serve you better in the long run... Save that kip for when you hit 30 for time...

Jenn - always a pleasure seeing u and thanks for the feedback. We will get vids out to you and our wonderful community.

Wim De Haan - as the move becomes easier raise the rings a bit and it will increase the load and work needed fo rthe movement. We use this as our scale rather than subbing our dips and pull ups. You can do 10 to 20 each session and be smart about not over training it. We tell everyone like Lauren to work on it weekly and the MU will come... As you see it did.

Train hard and Smart gang!



wrote …

Thanks so much. Going to start practicing ASAP!


wrote …

Great vid. After six months of wondering whether I'll ever get a MU I feel like one is in my future. Thank you so much for a great training tool!


wrote …

One thing I forgot to add... this video made my year's journal subscription worth it!


wrote …

Thanks for the video, Jeff.


wrote …

One of my resolutions for the first 3 months of 2010, achieve 5 muscle ups...this and the other progression video have already helped tremendously, thanks.


wrote …

I've been working on a MU since I started CrossFit in October 2008. This video made all the difference for me. THANKS!!!!! I now have my MU and if a 38 year old mom can do a MU, anyone can!!!!



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